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Richard Zinos - 12/09/00 10:52:28
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Favorite Writer(s): Bruno Schulz, Kafka, Camus, Mark Twain, Dickens, Will Self, Asimov, Silverberg, Malzberg
Favorite Piece by Barry Malzberg: On a Planet Alien

He shines darkly

James Lindbloom - 10/29/00 00:16:43
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Favorite Writer(s): Hubert Selby, Richard Russo, Tim O'Brien, Dennis Potter, Richard Price
Favorite Piece by Barry Malzberg: Beyond Apollo, Underlay, In My Parent's Bedroom, Confessions Of Westchester County, Herovit's World

Malzberg is truly underappreciated today -- sad that an author of his talent can't get a collection of short stories published in these current climes (he's long overdue for a new one). I think his work could (and should) find an audience outside the con ines of genre fiction; it's important to remember that one of Malzberg's goals at the outset of his career was to "elevate" the SF genre to a higher literary quality. As obscure to the general public as he may be today, his non-SF work is even more so; s me of it -- the titles for Olympia Press in particular -- should really be reprinted; they're classics of erotic absurdity.

Brian Doherty - 10/25/00 23:07:08
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I gave the wrong email in my guestbook entry above. Here is the correct one for the record.

Brian Doherty - 10/25/00 23:05:30
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Favorite Writer(s): Malzberg, Gene Wolfe, R. Anton Wilson, Borges
Favorite Piece by Barry Malzberg: Galaxies, Herovit's, Midnight Lady collection, Engines of the Night

Unbelievably delighted to find a site dedicated to Malzberg. As others have noted, his qualities as a different and "literary" genre writer have been sadly ignored as other SF greats and near-greats like Ballard and Dick and LeGuin have been embraced by m instream hip lit canonizers. Malzberg's mind and style are like no other (though Cheever reminded me of him, or perhaps vice versa.) Best part of this site: a bibliography telling me of over a dozen Malzberg books I don't yet have! (espec. the pseudonymou ones.) When I was 14 (strange child that I was, I enjoyed Malzberg the most between the ages of 12-16) I reviewed ENGINES OF THE NIGHT for the 'zine THRUST and was bowled over to find myself quoted (without my name) in a pb blurb. The first time my words appeare in/on a book! Malzberg's voice is a unique American literary treasure; and infectious. After reading a Malzberg novel (SCREEN was the last one I've read), I tend to write like him for weeks.

Rodney Walters - 10/07/00 22:45:07
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Favorite Writer(s): Robert Silverberg, Stephen King, John D. MacDonald, Elmore Leonard - many others

Unfortunately I've not read anything by this writer, but this site has whetted my appetite. Great job, Alvaro!

Derek Jan Christian - 10/06/00 08:56:45
Favorite Writer(s): AC Clarke, Tolkien,
Favorite Piece by Barry Malzberg: Teletubbies

Hi, although I have never read anything by Malzberg, your host has done a grand job of this homepage. Cheerio Derek

Barry N. Malzberg - 09/30/00 18:20:48
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Favorite Writer(s): Tevis, Shaara, Nabokov
Favorite Piece by Barry Malzberg: UNDERLAY

I'm touched by this unanticipated site; hadn't known of it until my younger daughter informed me. Barry N. Malzberg

Jon Eke - 09/14/00 19:08:45
My Email:jon@galaxy5.fsnet.co.uk
Favorite Writer(s): Philip K Dick, James Tiptree Jr, Brian Aldiss, Samuel Delany, William Burroughs, Jorge Luis Borges, H.P.Lovecraft
Favorite Piece by Barry Malzberg: Galaxies

I was delighted to discover this tribuite page to Barry Malzberg, a brilliant, brilliant writer. I can only re-iterate the point that has already been made by saying that I think it is criminal the way his work has been neglected. And he is becoming incre singly difficult to find in the secondhand bookshops (having lost my copy of 'On a Planet Alien' when I was barely a quarter of the way through it, I have spent the last two years in a fruitless search for a replacement! In that time I have only found two other Malzberg books.) For me, Malzberg's work conveys a sense of hopeless nostalgia for a future that will not (and cannot)be. SF dreams are only that - dreams. There will be no great revelations, only the hopes and dreams of tiny, frightened human being . It's heady, dizzying stuff at times and absolutely wonderful! Great site. Keep up the good work.

Guy Salvidge - 09/11/00 09:16:11
My Email:clive@iinet.net.au
Favorite Writer(s): philip k dick, barry malzberg, j g ballard
Favorite Piece by Barry Malzberg: herovit's world, the falling astronauts

Malzberg is a truly great writer and it is disgusting to think that he has been so completely ignored. PKD ignores a posthumous boom, JGB is now a successful mainstream writer but I don't think a single BNM book is in print. Where the hell can I get a cop of "Engines of the Night" and why do I keep finding classic Malzberg novels for AUD$2, or less?

Your Host! - 09/02/00 20:57:35
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Favorite Writer(s): Robert Silverberg, Barry N. Malzberg (!), Robert Sheckley, and many others...
Favorite Piece by Barry Malzberg: HEROVIT'S WORLD

Hi! This is your host! I haven't touched this site in over a year and thought it might be time to fix/update things.... Hopefully I'll manage to keep things running a little longer this time. As of now, just about all of the bibliographical material is do e, at least - and I'm working on cover scans.

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