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The Tale Of The Missing Bull

There once was a bull named Henry. He was an all mighty bull and everyone in the meadow was afraid of him. The way he ran around, thumping and moving the earth as he moved would bring a shiver to anyone's spine. One look at him would scare you half to death.
One late sunny afternoon. Farmer Jim came down to check on Henry, but he couldn't be found anywhere. "Henry!" He yelled at the top of his voice.
No response. He started to worry because without Henry to protect the live stock from foxes, kangaroos and all other baddies, the farm was in serious trouble. He ran around the farm in panic. It was starting to get dark and still no sign of him.
He raced back to the house and called the police. "He must had been stolen!" he told the officer on the other side of the phone. The officer wasn't really listening or really interested as all he wanted was to get home and have a night in with his wife and not having to worry about a stupid bull gone missing. The officer arranged to come tomorrow morning to get a statement off Jim, but Jim knew that by then, it would be too late. All his live stock would have perished by being killed my foxes or dogs or even worse hunters. The only thing that could protect the farm from all theses baddies was Henry, but he was gone.
Jim, sat down on this rocking chair trying to think about what to do. Without his livestock or farm animals, he would be out of business. He would be bankrupt. A tear came to his eye thinking about what might happen, until he came up with a perfect solution.
By this time, it was dark. As Jim walked out of the front door towards the horse stables, cold wind rushed by this body. The moon was shining without a cloud insight in the dark ghostly night sky.
As he approached the stables, he heard something coming from over by the bushes. He looked over there and yelled "Who's there?"
No answer, so he yelled again "Who's there?" and still silent. The cold breeze sent a shiver to his spine as he realized that what ever was in theses bushes was coming up behind him.
Jim turned around quickly to see his precious bull without a scratch on him. He ran up and gave him a BIG hug. His farm was saved.
"What a good ending to a very bad day!" he said to the bull. Henry just looked up at him like he was crazy. After putting Henry back inside the paddock, he sat down for a cup of coffee. He relaxed and slowly nodded off to the world of dreams, but unaware that Henry was getting out of the paddock again, this time not to return...


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