The Dacians - People Of Ancient Times


The purpose of this site

The ancient Roman writings used the name of Dacians (Daci in Latin) to designate the people that inhabited the Carpathians-Danube territory between the 2nd c. BC and the 2nd c. AD. Within this site you can discover their political history and their civilization.

What's new

Oct 19, 2006
The change of the site's design is currently undergoing. For the moment, I have changed the main page (EN and RO), main picture gallery (EN and RO) and the articles (only RO). The the next few days I will change the rest of the site.


Political history
Historical controversies


In the PICTURES page you will find many large photos, that show the vestiges of the Dacian fortresses and sanctuaries, the scenes from the Trajan's Column and others.

3D Worlds

From the 3D WORLDS page you can explore the Dacian sanctuaries in virtual reality worlds.


In the VIDEOS section you can find short clips showing you Dacian ruins and scenes from historical movies.