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Hope you like the new look for Cafe Cokin. This is the second in a series of steps we're taking to improve our site. In the very near future, you can expect many cool features such as a newsletter, feedback form, and cafe Cokin on CD, to be introduced. Enjoy!

One of our long time favorite Web Sites is now a BOOK!

Cokin filters are tools that can help translate to film either what you physically see or what your imagination sees.

Thank you to all who have sent in photographs. Hard to believe back in June, 2000 this site had only six pages and  has now grown to more than 300 pages with over 1000 images so far!

 I first used The Cokin filter system many years ago when I moved up from a point an shoot camera to a SLR camera. I was disappointed many times because I would slap a filter over the lens and never got what my mind saw.  Little did I know that the effect of the filters outcome was deepened on the length of the lens and the aperture used. Not just my imagination. Not giving up and drawing on what little information I could find I was able to refine my use of filters and sometimes even surprise myself.

This page is for amateurs like my self who want to play and create unique photographs with the Cokin filter system.  I also invite you to show off some of your photos you have made with the use of the Cokin filter system. Don't worry if the Serious photographers call your work POP photography. I am into using filters for fun and the only person I am out to impress is myself.  

 I am not connected with Cokin in any way.  I have a LARGE collection of Cokin filters I bought myself so I can be frank and honest about what I think of any filter. Like a certain photo filter I think is the most useless photo filter ever made by Cokin. I laugh my butt off when I see it on eBay going for big bucks.

 The door is wide open to thousands of creative photograph effects with your dreams and fantasy waiting to be captured by you on film or memory card. I hope this site will be of great help to you and along the way you will contribute and help others.

 If you find typographical errors on this web site, they are here for a reason. Some people actually enjoy looking for them and I strive to please as many readers as possible, and for that reason this site is just chuck full of them!

If you use a TRIPOD, you always have time for a second shot with a filter !!

Cokin is a registered trade mark of Cromofilters S.A. Paris

     All photos shown on this site are the ownership of the Photographer and are not to be distributed in any way which may violate his/her copyright without permission from the copyright holder.


Best page to start on is the Cokin Users Guide

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