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Welcome to Colee's Carnival

This is me now...finally replaced the older pic with a newer one. Will change it again whenever I get  more decent photos.
Hi! This is Mandy, otherwise known as Colee in the cyberworld. This is a site I will be working on about my family, and friends. It's something I wanted to do just for fun. Please sign our guestbook before you leave so we will know you visited. We hope you enjoy browsing around, and go visit some other kewl pages and sites from the links here, especially our dedication to the memory of  our son. Take your time and come back often as we will be changing things as we build.  Hope to hear from you soon. Bye bye!!!
Well this is the hubby, Tim. He looks pretty good in that hat!  He might add his own page sometime later, but I really have no clue if he will or not. He is known as  "bayrattim"in cyberland. We both enjoy this computer a lot...as you can tell from ths website or from looking at our messenger friend lists...LOL!!
Well, last, but not least, are these kids of  ours.  This is Aaron and Cassidy, the real loves of my life. I gave up everything I ever wanted to do so I could stay at home with them.  This pic was  taken on vacation in Alabama, 2006.  We have been blessed by these two children, and we  love them very much! 
In Memory - For the love of Branden.
Mandy's page
In loving memory of Family and Friends
Mandy's family photos.
Sweet Home Alabama!!!
Whats This Life For.midi: Original song by Creed
Be sure to check out Branden's memorial pages with the link below!
Aaron's Page
Cassidy's Page

Gulf Shores, Alabama

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16
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