Photo page - Charnwood 2006
Four of our guides attended Charnwood 2006 - a joint scout and guide camp in Leicestershire.
We camped with some guides from Bristol, and 6 guiders from 5 different counties!  There were over 3000 people at the camp - check out some of our pictures here.
Making ourselves known on the way to the opening ceremony!
The opening ceremony
Processing to the opening ceremony
The opening ceremony
The camp had a historical theme - we were the Normans subcamp, and you can see our gateway on the right.
There were loads of daytime activities on site, including a glice rink (like an ice rink only not as cold!), fencing and the biggest climbing frame you've ever seen!
Normans subcamp gateway
Glice rink
Climbing frame
The campfire
The leaders did most of the cooking but the guides did help here and there - see below "how many guides does it take to mix a cake?"
Mixing cake
The campfire, with lots of silly songs.
Our campsite.
There was a Scottish flag as well but you can't see it behind the orange tent!
Our campsite
Painting our shields
Our shields - the end result
As part of the historical theme we all had to have fancy dress to fit our subcamp.  Wendy brought shields for all of us which we painted.  We also improvided chain mail with t-shirts and marker pens!

There was a talent show run on various evenings.  Some of the Edinburgh & Bristol guides entered, singing "Lean on Me" - and they won!  They sang their number in front of all 3000+ campers at the closing ceremony!
Spectators at the talent show
Talent contest winners!
Closing fireworks
Showing off the flag
Closing fireworks
The closing ceremony on the Friday night had the winners of the talent show singing "lean on me" amongst other things, and ended up with fireworks.
The last night
Group photo
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