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Was the bassplayer in the highly rated everywhere else but badly treated scourge of the Bay Area punk band...02.22.02 26 January 2002

Gilman Pussies Out

The people of Gilman St. really pissed a bunch of us off this week by deciding (through a vote) to cancel the upcoming BEER CITY SHOWCASE, Feb. 22, which was booked two months ago. The lineup of the show that night was to include touring acts Red Flag 77 from the U.K., Very Metal from St. Louis, Remission from Milwaukee, Deface and Oppressed Logic from the Bay Area. The touring bands are traveling together and this was the main gig they were counting on for this area. The Excuse: The excuses we were given was that a bunch of graffiti was done to the place lately. The Logic: There is no good logical reason to shut down one punk show out of dozens of upcoming "rowdy" punk shows. Isn't the point of all punk shows to be rowdy? Or is the censorship board at the Gilman just taking names of bands/records labels and using them literally against these artists that they assume don't walk down the exact perfect political path that they do. Do they think they are going to control audience drinking by pulling one show that has BEER in the name? Or stop vandalism by canceling Deface? There is more likely to be violence and graffiti at a straight-edge show. (note: the next straight-edged show is not cancelled) There has not been a fight or incident at an Oppressed Logic show since OxL was unbanned last year. Just plenty of good, rowdy punk rock fucking fun! What ever happened at Gilman recently is completely unrelated to us. We were not there and we refuse to be punished for it. The Meeting: Saturday, February 19th at 5pm at 924 Gilman St. Everybody that can, come out and vote this show back in!!!!!! These meetings are the only way these fools can communicate: signing in, putting up your hand, waiting your turn to speak and basically acting like children in school or other such dumb-ass institution that punks are suppose to reject. (now that's another story...) We have got to let them know that we are sick of letting the Gilman St. treat hardworking/touring bands like shit. The punks that make up the scene at Gilman should not be robbed of such a killer show either due to the few assholic dictators that try to rule their little world at Gilman St.
11 January 2002

Mike Cyco's 5 cents worth....
The show last Saturday at Gilman w/ PLAN 9, THE SICK, HELLBILLYS, and OPPRESSED LOGIC had no problems and nothing bad happened. That show made Gilman "A LOT" of money, 680 PAID!! At $5 bucks a head they made around $3400 and only paid out $1400 to all the bands, which was fine, not necessarily fair, but whatever. Oppressed Logic even sold out of CD's and I had to rush home to get more!!! How ironic??? Anyway, since there wasn't a bunch of drunken violence or whatever they are trying to pin on us or Beer City is just bullshit. Fri. Feb. 22nd will be a good punk rock show with touring bands that all happen to have release's on Beer City Records and Gilman shouldn't discriminate because of the word "BEER" in Beer City!! If this show wouldn't have been labeled a "Beer City Showcase" it probably wouldn't have been brought up at a meeting??? That's just lame. They probably never heard of "BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS!!??" I know most of you hate meeting's where people do nothing but cry over stupid shit, but they will not get away with getting this show stopped!!! It will be taken back!! Come out and support this Saturday at 5 pm!! Also at this meeting will also be in regard of Mike Hood from SACTO HOODS being 86'ed for a mistake of identity.
Represent YO!!
16 January 2002