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The Truth Behind The War In Iraq - let's get a few things straight

Don't be confused The Iraq War (part 2) has been a MASSIVE success It has gone almost totally according to plan. Don't let the media confuse you any more about WMD, Al Qaeda or the reliability of CIA intelligence - these are merely smokescreens to keep the people off the scent of the real reasons why "our" leaders unleashed the genocidal slaughter in Iraq. This war (like all wars) was meticulously planned long before it started.

So let's look at why the war happened and who planned it? For a start again don't be hoodwinked by the press when they point the finger at Tony Blair, George Bush or Jose Maria Azanar - they do the bidding on behalf of individuals way more powerful than them and are merely the spokesmen who publicly legitimise the war machine.  So focus your attention elsewhere and understand that these spokesmen are not the real power brokers - ousting Bush in 2004's election will simply result in a different member of the Yale's secret Skull and Bones society (John Kerry) taking his turn in the Satanic synagogue's hot-seat and unless he really steps out of line and starts printing money like Lincoln and Kennedy dared to do (remember what happened to them), then he will be fine ......

who decided why the "coalition of the willing" went to war, and why in 2003? There are 3 main reasons.
Reason number one was to make even more money by securing and taking control of potentially endangered oil supplies. As you will know the world economy and the markets rely heavily on liquid gold - so the coalition kindly fought
to the make world safe for oil investors!!! (Halliburton for instance was awarded a $4bn contract within 3 weeks of the war starting to rebuild old oil refineries and to extinguish fires - a great example of how war pays dividends very quickly )
Reason number two was to secure the supply routes for the most profitable of enterprises - the CIA run international trade in "illegal" narcotics estimated at $400bn per annum. (The CIA had already fallen out with the Taliban in Afghanistan when negotiating the heroin price - the Taliban destroyed the crop - this is the reason why the Americans invaded Afghanistan ... Pakistan is now the largest heroin supplier to the West).
Reason number three is because the middle east centred around Jerusalem is likely to be the battle ground for WW3 (probably an anti muslim war), and hence Iraq (like Israel since '67 onwards) is of major geo-strategic significance for the war effort So why did they go to war in 2003 and not before ? Well like any successful project war needs to be planned well in advance, so building up the myth of a massive external threat and getting many thousands of troops mobilised takes time, money and planning. Operation Brightstar involved the deployment of 17,000 US and 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt, and Britain's Operation Swiftsword (which had been planned since1997) saw the biggest deployment of British troops since the Falklands War Operation Swiftsword started on September 10m 2001 (how coincidental). These events (obviously funded by our tax payments) are not for your eyes and ears, that was all saved up and planned for the following day 9/11  The modern day equivalent of Pearl Harbour was the legitimacy the bidders needed to justify their war. They had their greedy eyes focused on the oil, the drugs and Iraq as a strategic asset for years, and 9/11 was the green light they needed to do whatever they wanted ... the fact that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11 was a minor technicality and totally overlooked. OK so that's the why and when of the war ..

So next let's look at
who decides? Well wealth and power have always been and are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a very few individuals from a few families. What actions Bush and Blair take is clandestine groups such as the CFR, Bilderberg, Freemasonry, Trilateral Commission etc. which are in turn controlled ultimately by these families These families and individuals are desperate for wealth power and prestige, and this war (like all others) was another major fundraiser in their continuing crusade of greed. Wars since Napoleonic times have always been a pretty risk free bet in terms of making money. The secret is you sell arms to both sides, you loan money to the governments to build and deploy armies, and then you finance the reconstruction of the country you have just paid to have destroyed - simple. Since the first Rothschild's shares scam in the early 1800's those that can afford to play the money markets do, and always do so for profit and not for people. (In Gulf War II take time to learn about the "put" options placed on American Airlines and Boeing which earned millions, but mysteriously have never been claimed for fear of the scam being exposed). These wealthy families (mainly concentrated in the North Eastern United States of America) are more powerful than governments. These families created the structure of first ever US government back in 1776 once they had secured their landowning and business interests by kicking out King George III of England. They choose who will be in government and what the government will say. They have great sway over how the money markets perform and they decide what the media says - by virtue of the simple fact that these families control the organisations that control the banks and the media. From research we can deduce that the main family bloodlines that have always been represented at a top level throughout history in government, and all aspects of business particularly media, finance, oil, war and interestingly enough esoteric secret societies. The real power brokers are the controlling members heading up the Astor, Bundy, Collins, Carnegie, Davison, Du Pont, Freeman,  Harriman,  Kennedy,  Krupp,  Li,  Macdonald,  Morgan,  Onassis,  Payne,  Pillsbury,  Reynolds, Rockefeller, Russell, Rothschild, Stimson, Taft, Van Duyn, Warburg families...with a large number of second string families such as Roosevelt, Whitney, Sloane and Perkins families trying to climb up the greasy pole to division one. 

So there is your answer - look beyond the marionettes on the world stage and try and focus on who and what are really pulling the strings. What do we do about it ? Well we were all born with a brain so employ your own powers of perception and make your own decisions. Keep searching. Do your own research - get informed and if you feel that you are being lied to, understand why. Knowledge and understanding is power. Remember things only ever got this bad because they wanted it to - it serves their evil agenda .... Think !
because there are none so enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.
AH 2004
Andy Higgins is a busy bloke when he ain't following his beloved Blackpool FC around the country. He writes a zine, publishes a website, plays a one man set, promotes gigs and records in his own right on his growing indie label www.jsntgm.com which boasts a healthy stable of punk acts.