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Barbie - The Bips
Barbie is bassplayer in
The Bips from the Netherlands. She's a new breed of punk who's writes as well as she plays. I only picked 4 of her columns as she has more on her bands site so check em out, the music is just as potent.
The Global Prison
Marshall McLuhan (a writer about communication phenomena) launched his theory about The Global Village in the sixties. He says that the world becomes a big village because of the media developed by people. Time and space are gone, people from over the whole world communicate with eachother. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whether you are on the North Pole or in Australia, the world becomes just as small as the old village square where you talked about the things in life.
How clear this is with the development of the internet; everybody can search for the information he wants. That's also the most beautiful aspect of the internet, it doesn't matter in which you're interested, you always can find someone who shares that interest. A never quiet place to develop contacts and feelings. The world is so open for you as it can be.
Just through these developments people shouln't limit themselves. As there aren't any limitations on the internet, outside the virtual world people seem to restrict themselves more and more, becoming more and more conservative.The 'labeling-system' to categorize people and feelings only gets stronger and clearer. People don't understand eachother, don't want that either. It's scares them to see their neighbour or colleaque doing different, feeling different or wearing clothes different than themselves, enough reasons to avoid the neigbour or talk about him. The neighbour gets the label 'different than me, so not normal but threatening'.
Different/not normal like them: being like all the others, unattractive, afraid to be different, cause if they are, they know their 'friends' in the group will avoid them just as easy and before they know it they also get the label 'different, so not normal but threatening'.That's why it's so safe to talk about other people constantly and instead of yourself. How often you see new people in a group or organisation unvoluntary being informed about certain others in that group, while the new ones not even got a chance to find out themselves what to think about those others. Those others, the subjects of this 'information', are being labeled as 'different/not normal' from the beginning, cause what has been said is not so easily forgotten and most of the times new people in the group aren't so sure of their ground to form their own opinion, so they tend go with the flow. This is just one way how people try to hide their own frustration. That can be very satisfying until they (accidently) bump into someone who is self-confident and conscious of his own feelings, than they're fully alive of the uninspired way they drag themselves to the end of their lifes, just another reason to judge that person! Governments all over the world just co-operate by limiting people, from their childhood, in a fresh and clear view on life and their fellow-men. From the moment you can walk you're being pushed into directions in which others want you to go. Before you even get the chance to discover what kind of individual you can become, others judge you on schoolresults, origin or sexuality and push you into directions again. The obstinacy of people is being distroyed in advance by making societies universal and uniform, everywhere you come you have to deal with the same stupid rules and creativity is not stimulated.
Is it so strange then that a lot of people isn't strong enough to develop? If you want to look at things very negative it isn't, but I think people, as the only living species, have all the possibilities to develop themsleves despite the pressure on the outside.The question is whether people want to develop or think it's safer to stay in a global prison.
2001-Barbie L.L.