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Barbie - The Bips
Barbie is bassplayer in
The Bips from the Netherlands. She's a new breed of punk who's writes as well as she plays. I only picked 4 of her columns as she has more on her bands site so check em out, the music is just as potent.
In the land of the dead America may 2001........
A radio-station that considers itself respectable broadcasted the execution of a black male. The last public execution was in 1936, but it seems as if the death penalty was never a hotter issue in the USA than today.
Together with Bush jr. as chief of the white, conservative government, the US bear upon the most ultimate form of 'real live entertainment'.On the recordings, meant to examine the execution procedure afterwards, the last seconds of a human being are being throwed into the air towards the empty, apathetic crowd as if it was the most exciting kind of amusement. But the American citizens were not amused at all!
That's strange because why bother about the fact that someone is murdered by the state, just supporting the guy you solidly voted for, just supporting the guy that didn't hesitate at all to put his autograph beneath every execution demand he got. What is your problem I'm asking??
Allright.. it's true, when someone committed a crime he deserves to be punished, you can't let someone walk the streets who slaughtered a human being or did other terrible things. That don't put you asleep at night. What does is to kill the criminal, especially when you're a relative and watch him melt or fade away in an everlasting deafening. That is what you call satisfaction!
The only negative thing about it is that it sounds so harsh and objective. Even the biggest supporter of the death penalty isn't so tough anymore as he hears one of the guards on the tape say that 'suspect isn't dead yet' so 'procedure has to be repeated'.
No, that isn't what you wanna hear after a day of hard working with a hamburger in front of you, beacuse than you're tired and want some fine entertainment.
Maybe this is a better option for the future: broadcasting the execution on a secret video-channel so anyone who's involved can watch privately. Real live television is much better than radio by the way, there are images to watch and not only horrible sounds to hear. Although, some other problems can happen to this, people who actually thinking about the idea of broadcasting executions on the television are a little bit afraid of so called 'hackers' who can intercept the broadcast and put it on the world wide web.
Anyone who has been on the internet longer than 5 minutes easily can find these movies and than it's for sure privacy isn't an issue anymore.That's why I see lots of opportunities for businessmen, for media tycoons like Berlusconi, Endemol (or any other you know!). After Big Brother, Starmaker, Yes, I want to marry a millionaire etc., now the time is right for something the word 'real live television' was invented for. Real death would sound better, by the way.
In a two hour lasting big entertaining show Geraldo leads you through the life of 'suspect' . Friends and family drop by, a famous tv-cook cooks your favourite dinner, your favourite band plays the song you wanna hear on your funeral, so everybody is happy and cheerful cause the procedure isn't harsh and objective anymore and in the end 'suspect' is going to be eliminated anyway.
'During the whole show you can call our special telephonenumber for only $ 1,- and choose your favourite way of execution'.
2001-Barbie L.L.