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Joe Donnelly was a member of Belfast's the Producers punk outfit, back in the late 70's Northern Ireland punk scene. He's currently still going to gigs, still into punk and contributing articles on punk and it's
influence on many web sites.
Nihilism On The Prowl is more than happy to get his gig reviews, comments and views on what's happening on the streets of Belfast these days. Here's his latest example...
My Passion
The Limelight Belfast  26/10/08

Another underage gig another excellent night, only this time
with added smudged eyeliner and smeared lipstick.
Following on from the mega Anti flag Dublin gig of a few
months back this 14+ gig proved to be yet another fantastic
night inspired by Spikey Steve. These little blood thirsty
urchins are spoiled. I didn't feel too bad about this one
though, as there was other oldies scattered around the venue
chaperoning just like me. And again just like before all the
bands made time to hang around the venue and talk to the
kids, no pretentions on show so full marks to them.

Its nearly evil halloween and the Queen of the teeny goths (Belfast coven) was
here looking very much the part in her best Upstairs Downstairs victorian long
dress just waiting to meet her teeny goth Jack the Ripper.
Tonights 14+ gig was the turn of US rising stars
Kill Hannah to headline, this
time in Belfast and like the previously mentioned
Anti Flag gig this four band bill
blew me away. Each band was different in sound but there wasn't a duff song all
night. And I aint telling no porkies, honest guv!
I know Nihilisim On The Prowl! is probably not the place to rave about these
bands as none of them could strictly be described as punk, but these children of
Siouxsie and the Misfits have studied everything good from the glam, punk, post
punk, electro, rock eras all us old punks loved back in the late 70's early 80's.
I've seen a few of these so called new goth/emo (mark as applicable) bands live
over the years like
Peaches (nasty girl!!) and My Chemical Romance who started
life as a punk band albeit of the american hardcore variety. Also
Mindless Self
whose frontman Jimmy Urine (silly name very punk rock!!) couldn't
be anymore like Stiv Bators than he is. There's no denying these bands have a
punk attitude. If not possessing a punk sound now they have varying degrees of
success. Believe me these faux scary bands can play a blinder and make as much
noise as any punk band, so don't just write them off.

First up tonight was Al Pacino inspired scots techno rockers
Serpico who were the
most mainstream of all the acts. A very technical modern rock band with great
songs especially 'Kultura' which is a cracker. And an album is due in 2009. They
were a great opening act here tonight and are surely destined for bigger and better

Up next were
Gundogs whose duo of female guitarists/vocalists were very striking.
I mistook them at first for two very glamourous roadies all ripped fishnets and
chain belted mini skirts as they set up their gear. But this four piece band are the
closest thing to a punk band here tonight, they were very much coming from the
Noo Yawk CBGB's/Courtney Love school of punk and very good they were too.
'Calling Out My Name' is a hit in waiting. Your gonna hear more of this band for

Back to the early 80's next with
My Passion, who were a right bunch of flash
cocky bastards and they could back up all the attitude with a massive sounding set
that took me back to the glory days of the Batcave and thursdays at the Camden
Palace in London. I'd have given my right bollock to have been in a band like this
way back then. The band were a blur of activity darting from all angles across the
small stage looking and sounding fantastic.'Hot In The Dolls House' was only one
of many highlights in their set. My favourite band of the night .

Welcome to Chicago  Motherfucker. Fresh from their tour bus fire in Switzerland
and looking none the worse for wear Yank glam goths
Kill Hannah took to the
stage of their first ever Belfast gig. Draped in a pea soup cloud of dry ice sliced by
the green laser lights attached to the heads of their guitars, the beams were darting
from side to side like a snipers gun sight setting up a target, it looked very
impressive. The teeny emos/goths screamed when pretty  poster boy frontman
Mat Devine complete with Adam Ant eye stripes strolled up to the mic and the
band kicked into 'Boys And Girls'. This band have been around the block a few
times and you could tell they sounded awesome. They delivered a great set
including 'Believer', 'The Collapse', 'Songs That Saved My Life' and finishing with
the magnificent 'Lips Like Morphine'.
Kill Hannah are a band on top form after
months of touring and they were excellent. Wish thay had played their cover
version of the
Billy Idol tune 'Rebel Yell' though, but hey, you can't have

All the bands performing here tonight were top class, their futures look bright!
I'm sad to report that most of the retro punk gigs that we all attend would have
struggled to compete with these young  pretenders. But a great night, don't be
prejudiced by old age punk elitism, check out these bands if you get the chance.

Joe Donnelly - Belfast 29/10/08.
David Johansen & Bill Murray in Scrooged! 1988 (Joe Donnelly)