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Tell Us The Truth!
Mr Pursey always claimed to speak for the common people and
his army of Sham supporters and that he would never get down
on his knees and grovel to the mega-multi-national corporate
capitalist bastards. It's funny how people's opinion's change. lt
wasn't so long ago Mr Pursey was modelling on the fashion
catwalk for designer label twats GAP. So much for his punk
roots. These days he only seems to be into punk when it suits
him i.e. Punk all-dayer HITS festivals. What's even more
contradictive is it was only a few years ago Mr Pursey and the
reformed Sham sang about Bosnia and even wrote a tribute
song about countryside road protester Swampy. Now he's sold
his punk past to McDonalds (Aaaarrrggghhh!) To make matters
worse I'm now sick and tired of hearing 'If The Kids Are
United' on the box. It makes me cringe whenever I hear the opening power-chords and see those kids chase the ball around on some bog-ridden park field, then see the McDonalds logo. I'm sure a few other Nihilism On The Prowl! readers feel the same way. I bet it'll have a few battle scarred skins drying in their beer. How dare McDonalds ruin our song! I used to like Sham 69. They made some classic punk singles back in the late 70's like 'Ulster Boy', 'Angels With Dirty Faces', and my favourite 'Borstal Breakout'. When a mate told me Sham's song had been used on an McDonalds advert I thought he was taking the piss (maybe the authorities should've blasted out 'If The Kids Are United' when violence kicked off between English, German and Turkish supporters). Sham have certainly gone down in my estimation and Mr Pursey's a two-faced twat. Makes you wonder what he was doing when all the Reclaim The Streets demonstration marches kicked off all over the UK, most recent being Mayday 2000. Did he not fail to see the news and national gutter press rags filming and showing the demo on our TV screens. Yes McDonalds was targeted and rightfully so. I guess Mr Pursey doesn't give a toss about cheap labour (slave labour) recruited and employed at fast food chains like McDonalds under the new deal (same old bollox!) As long as he gets paid royalties. What a complete cop-out! Wonder if Oi Polloi will stop playing a live rendition of 'If The Kids Are United' since Mr Pursey has made a pact with satan (aka Ronald McDonald). McDonald's are known for giving away tacky free toys as bribes to kids to entice parents to part with their cash. As for that idiotic clown Ronald McDonald, the happy-go-clown behaves like a paedophile(maybe he's related to Gary Glitter) but then again I'm not the first person to suggest this.
So now place your bets on which Sham song will be touted around in another T.V. commercial advert. Here's a few suggestions I came up with earlier...'Borstal Breakout' - soundtrack to the Probation Services stop re-offending programme, 'Angels With Dirty Faces' - a new improved washing powder brand (well they did use a skinhead in one of their 1980 ad's, where is he now?), 'Hey Little Rich Boy' - bank loan ad's for the young budding Uni. graduate students and high fliers. Finally 'Tell Us The Truth' could be used as a general public's outcry to new Labours spin doctors and that snide Mr Blair (Blurgh!!) who keeps telling us the economy is booming all over the UK (yeah, pigs might fly!) Before you all shout out I know 'Hersham Boys' was used in another footie advert a few years ago, so there...
ANARCHO MITCH (28th June 2000)