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What's going on in the world of D.I.Y. punk,
or more to the point Politically Correct punk?
Is the P.C. brigade taking over and trying to
dictate what us fanzine writers write and print
in our fanzines? Especially when the holy
punk brigade decide to boycott The
Suffragette and write to other fanzines about
the Skrewdriver article I wrote some years
ago. Pete said he'd like to print it in his
fanzine with the rest of the Blackpool
histories/discographies I'd done previously.
Like Pete I was surprised at the response or
outrage from some of our respected readers.
The article was never wrote to provoke such
an outcry and to put the record straight, I'm
no nazi or BNP sympathiser. I hate nazi bigots
and discriminating arseholes like the rest of
you punks, skins and crusties reading Nihilism
On The Prowl! After all punkettes like myself would be the first sent to the gas cambers for refusing to conform! As for Ian Stuart, he was a right-wing parasite who went to Grammar school and came from a middle-class background. He wasn't working class. He alienated himself from the punk scene by spouting all kinds of right-wing supremacy bullshit. He once turned up at the Tache nightclub (local Blackpool alternative club) wearing a Whitesnake T-shirt and looked a right prat! How could anyone take a fat balding bonehead bastard seriously when he posed in his crap headbanger T-shirt? Very sad! He used to try and flog his 'Blood 'N' Honour' leaflets outside the Talbot Road Bus station and on most occasions was met with abuse. His band in the early 80's got pelted with missiles when they attempted to do a gig from the back of a truck. Sadly I wasn't there to witness this incident. Stuart had completely lost the plot and most people who lived in Blackpool and on the outskirts knew this. If anything the Skrewdriver story was a lesson to any individual who thinks it's fun to form a dodgy right-wing band. Stuart bought about his own fate, they always say your past catches up with you in the end! And it did in his case...decapitated in a mangled car crash wreck!!!
Believe it or not bands still exist who refuse to admit their dodgy beliefs, when interviewed in various fanzines and come out with the usual feeble excuses like "we're nonpolitical" or "we don't all agree on politics, so there's no point in talking about it!" We've all read these quotes in interviews. But what's more disturbing is the new metal/hardcore crossover bands who actually encourage hatred with their outright right extreme views. Some SxE people even go around bashing punks at gigs in America. They spoil it for the genuine SxE who do want a united scene. Even more worrying is the recent trend in the mainstream music press attitude towards bands who openly admit their right-wing/nazi views. Magazines like Terrorizer, Metal Hammer and Kerrrang! interview these bands regularly like Biohazard, Pantera, Cradle Of Filth, Emperor, Burzem etc. But none of these publications have been boycotted or come in for as much flak like The Suffragette, and they have a much larger reading audience. None of the P.C. brigade has stood outside I.P.C. publications offices with their banners or thrown bricks or petrol bombs through their office windows!
I've just read a copy of Searchlight and an article about the close links the Norwegian Black Metal scene has with the nationalist White Power bands. Members of various Norwegian Black Metal bands have gone onto murder because of their White supremacy views. This worrying trend is spreading and courting favour with the mainstream music mags who think it's all a joke!
Just look at the recent Kosovan ethnic cleansing war, problems with Iraq, and wars in Rawanda and Sierra Leone. Children are taught to use guns and ordered to carry out shootings and mutilations of innocent civilians. I don't hear any P.C. bands writing about these atrocities apart from Oi Polloi, Police Bastard, Cress and Doom. Most new D.I.Y. punk bands only seem to sing about getting pissed or stoned maaaannn!! Where's the protest in that? The P.C. brigade are just as guilty!
Just tell me one thing, how many P.C. punks offered their services as volunteers to help out and set up hostels and hospitals for Kossovan refugees to stay in when they fled the horrific war atrocities by evil sadistic Serbs? Maybe one or two P.C. Punks offered their services but what were the rest of you doing? Sat in your cozy little homes having a quiet smoke and downing another can of Special Bew, whilst sulking over The Suffragette's Skrewdriver article. Think bout it!!
Onto a much lighter note it was good to hear Last Farm which breeds cats for vivisection has closed down because of death threats and petrol bombing incidents. These animal rights activists involved in this campaign get my full approval. Before I wind down this column, did anyone see the Garry Bushell article which appeared in the The Sun? Apparently the bearded one thinks it's such a laugh watching blood thirsty hounds tearing a fox apart and likes rubbing shoulders with the upper crust scum elite. What a sad old bastard! He sold his own so-called 'credibility' down the river! I never quite forgive him for writing that 'Punks Dead!' article in Sounds, November 1982. They say Leopards never change their spots. I suggest you P.C. Punks boycott the Gonads and ring up Mr Bushell in his Sun paradise office and give him some verbal abuse...