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Stooodent Power!!!!!
Despise em thoroughly and never become one (unless you can scam
payment for your education). Students are universally disliked (by all
social classes) for being irresponsible parasites perpetually preoccupied
with drinking, sex, drinking (if you can call a few pints that last all night
drinking), politics, drugs and sacre bleur...rock 'n' roll! Glastonbury here I

Another demeaning attibute is being far too clever by half. Without
exception, every single one of them after only a few weeks of being a
..."student" (adopt nauseating hand signals signifying comma's), has the
answer to all the worlds problems - as they're only too ready to tell you,
whilst lounging around on those now in vogue plush settees secreted in
their plastic pubs. If they are not on Holiday, drinking in those bars that
were robbed from the locals, (dis)organising entertainments,
demonstrating, forming politically correct punk bands/zines,
(dis)organising rag week, PC-fying our lives or getting into debt, then
they are demanding even larger grants to squander on the above.

Any actual learning curve is reserved for a three week period immediately
prior to examinations. It is for these reasons that students incur such
wrath and are rated only second to the Monarchy for being the largest
waste of tax payers money ever! Take every opportunity to discredit
them, gob on em and treat them uncompromisingly as the bods that they
really are! Fortunately for them, being a student is only a phase that
never lasts for more than seven years. It is also well known that those
students who were the most outspoken and outrageous at college,
become the most entrenched and loyal servants of the establishment
once they find themselves in the real world. Real Captains of Industry eh!

However my views on Stooooodents has mellowed somewhat these days. They're more to be pitied than hated. Walking around town carrying port folios and their cute little rucksacks decorated effectionately with stupid cuddly toys and felt penned band logos like Limp Bizkit or Korn tut tut! Most of em are even sporting artificially spiked dayglo hair, that looks as natural as a layer of woodprimer on a bog brush, and those baggy combats with chains and expensive trainers.... gawd it's that funny I could laff!!!

No really, they don't seriously bother me one way or another these days...honest!!! I'm all for learning and education if thats what you wanna do, but my real condemnation of Students or probably the regime they come from, stems back to Wolverhampton Polytechnic (now a University) in the late 70's early 80's. I remember goin to see Punk bands doin the college circuit, and without fail would have aggro getting into to see the bands. You see unless you were in the 'Students Union' (what a fuckin laff that shower of shit are) you had to have a resident Student sign you in as a guest. Well 9 times outta 10 the cunts would'nt do it for fear of letting in the rabble, being ostracised for mixing with locals, or were just utter cunts. That's really my basis for wiping the students turds off the heel of my social shoe. But of course when the Upstarts bought out 'Student Power....what a shower!" on their neo-classic debut album, I knew I wasn't alone in my views. Ha!
Peter Don't Care