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NIHILISM ON THE PROWL! Welcomes aboard Sam Sinister our first American columnist. He's young, he's angry and he's sinister. Click on one of his columns below for the full spiel! If you wanna contact him here's his email Sinister200000@aol.com Sam has a new site up on May 1st.
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Let's be honest
1:33 a.m. eastern-standard time 1 nov. 200

let's be honest... afterall, isn't that what punk rock is really all about? brutal honesty? i mean other than good music, if you wanted to boil it down to one philosophy that is universal between all of the subdivisions of our current scene (if you can still call it that), wouldnt that be a major one at the top of your list? PUNKS: we dont play nice. we dont tip-toe on eggshells. we dont bite our tongues. we dont dress to please you. we dont play music that's "pretty". we arent overly nice if we dont like you. we dont want our personalities talored for us. in short: WE DONT CARE. bottom line, baby. so it's with that attitude that i present you with the following essay (if you will). i haven't gone into too much detail about my views on the events which transpired on september 11th. and there's a good reason for that... i was very confused. i seriously didnt know how i felt. it took me a while and i fought myself alot on alot of issues. ive also been very busy from the time i last wrote for nihilism until now. the woman i love and i are no longer together. i know, i know... poor me. these things happen. which means that ive also had to change residence AGAIN, which is a bit of a process even when you dont have many material things to transport. so thats where im coming from. and now the point...
i am proud to be an american. despite all of the embarrassments, the lies, the confusion, the dumming down of mainstream culture, the prejudice, the poverty... i love america. i love the idea of freedom. even when freedom seems to be only an idea, a farce, or a lie. freedom isnt out there, that much is true. but it does exist. its inside those of us who strive to posess it. the aforementioned negativities that some of us seem so focused on here in the states have nothing to do with me. i've never oppressed another person, and i've never lied to someone out of greed. i've never stolen from someone who didnt deserve it. sure, i shoplift, but does that really count? okay, maybe it does but i dont feel bad about it. fuck em. the idea of america was originally intended to be a place of refuge for those who wanted to be whatever they wanted to be without persecution by law. people who wanted to do things differently.
i am a true american. i do what i want to do and i dont hurt a damn soul in the process. i have freedom running through my veins and fuck all who oppose me. i say what i want to say, and if you dont like it... well then tough shit i guess. if im wrong ill admit it later. america is one of the few places in the world where you can freely speak your mind and not necessarily catch a beating for it. there are places on this planet where you arent allowed to say the things i say or look the way i look. we are lucky to be living where we live. sure theres problems here. im not going to lie about it. most of our leaders arent the best people in the world. but are they really our leaders? in a republic we are supposed to be able to pick our leaders. i never picked ONE of these people... I DON'T NEED LEADERS. i am my own goddamned police, judge and jury. i only follow the laws that seem fair to me. all the rest can sit at the bottom of the ocean as far as i'm concerned. i'm in no way a nationalist. i live in one of how many countries in the world... is our the best? hell, i dont know, and frankly i dont care. i was born here, and its the only home i know. all i know is what america is supposed to represent. and i like the idea.
i havent said the pledge of allegiance for about 6 years. i am not allied with any flag... its only a flag. its a piece of fucking cloth. the purpose of a flag is to instill nationalist pride into people from the youngest age possible. its also a sign of war. i am not completely against war, so long as the war is unavoideable and fairly justified. the war we are involved in at this present time is one of those wars. what else are we supposed to do? i see no other alternative... do you? ive always said the purpose of an army should be self-defense. well, we're obviously striking back in reaction to a critical blow and theres no turning back now. violence begets violence, they say. well so be it. i'm sorry for all of those innocent lives that were lost and will continue to be lost until this is all over, and mine might be one of them. but i see no better way to go about it. if anyone out there can come up with something, let me know. until then, i stand by america completely, spikes and all.
sam sinister