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NIHILISM ON THE PROWL! Welcomes aboard Sam Sinister our first American columnist. He's young, he's angry and he's sinister. Click on one of his columns below for the full spiel! If you wanna contact him here's his email Sinister200000@aol.com Sam has a new site up on May 1st.
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redneck rebuttle
sam sinister 15 may 2001
even though i doubt it will reach any of you, this article is specifically for the black community. im gonna tell you alot of shit you aint gonna like, youll probably not like me after reading this, but believe me; im here to help you to come to grips. im not a big fan of the p.c. mentality. its just a bunch of rules that dont do a goddamn about anything. people are still going to feel the way they feel even if you try to keep them from expressing it. telling someone they cant say "nigger" wont keep them from thinking it in their head if thats the way they feel. if anything it just adds to the misguided frustrations they feel towards your entire race. and no matter how wrong they may be, they are as much entitiled to their opinion as you are to yours. and as i am to mine. first, lets talk about words vs. actions. they are obviously two separate things. words are expressions of a thought that you want to communicate to another person, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, by moving your lips, tongue, and vocal chords. an action is when you intentionally carry out a response to that thought. take the old fucker with the beat-up pickup truck with the rebel flag on the front of it. he might think youre nothing but a no good, dirty nigger. hes been raised, as was his father no doubt, to dislike blacks, stay away from them, and whether or not he'll admit it, to fear them. but this porkbellied wanker never does a damn thing to hurt you. never says a word to you. if he keeps it to himself, what the fuck? first of all hes a pussy. i hate people who dont say what they feel. then again maybe he knows his ideals are fucked up but hes too fuckin stubborn to admit it. whatever the case, leave the old fart alone. hes gonna die sooner or later anyway. now lets take the same guy, only now hes a blatant racist. he calls you something like "coon" or "nigger". haha, you know where that word comes from? first of all its just a word. it cant hurt you, you fucking pussy, so dont let it get to you. the word "nigger" is a mispronunciation of "negro". its just some hillbilly saying a word he cant even spell, let alone say correctly! yeah, i know it represents slavery, lynchings, bigotry, and blah blah blah blah blah... but its a fucking word for christs sake. get over it. and what does the word itself mean if its a retarded way of saying "negro"? it means negro! its like someone looking at you with this dumb, glazed look of hatred and confusion in his eyes and calling you a black guy. you should take pride in it. if someone calls you a nigger, its like, yeah, what the fuck's your point? i'm from a wide range of national origins, so someone could call me: 1. honkey/cracker/whitie (white) 2. dego/wap/guinny/garlic-snapper (italian) 3. mick (scotch-irish) 4. kraut (german) not one of these fucked up names offends me or makes me wanna fight. they dont mean shit to me and half of em dont even make sense. like i said people do have a right to their own little fucked up opinions (if we limit freedom of speech for racists, we're also giving someone else the right to limit our own freedom of speech), but no one has the right to hurt someone else unprovoked. so if some redneck jumps you, BE PREPARED TO BEAT HIS FUCKIN ASS. if more than one jumps you, either have someone with you to help you out, or run like hell. what else can i say? the violence issue is hard to solve without more violence, im afraid. but if words are met with violence youre probably starting a fuckin war. and itll be your own fault. second of all, racists use racial slurs for one purpose and one purpose only: cause they know it'll rile you up. they do it cuz they know it pisses you off. why give someone that type of power over you? dont be such a fucking tool. organizations like the KKK thrive on parades where they carry confederate and white pride flags along with sloganistic signs saying such brainstorms as, "who needs niggers?" all for the purpose of getting a violent reaction from the black community, therefore reenforcing their claims and gaining support. this is just one example of adding fuel to the fire. unfortunately, none of the above theories will solve the problem of racial violence. the only way racism will cease to exist is if everyone, including blacks, can see past differences, learn to accept them, and maybe even respect them. whats in the past is over and done. you should live for today, not yesterday, and take people on a personalized level. that way noone can blame me for what other white people did a thousand fucking years ago. i never did a damn thing to you.
sam "NAACP" sinister