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NIHILISM ON THE PROWL! Welcomes aboard Sam Sinister our first American columnist. He's young, he's angry and he's sinister. Click on one of his columns below for the full spiel! If you wanna contact him here's his email Sinister200000@aol.com Sam has a new site up on May 1st.
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11 MAY 2001

trendy kids. you know the type. they spend each summer finding the new "cool thing" to go full force into, only to grow tired of it by the time the academic year comes to a close. i used to be one of those kids. but guess what? i stuck with it. you wanna know why? huh? do ya? ill tell you why, smeghead. CUZ I LOVE IT. im for real, not some teeny bopper who saw "sid and nancy" and "slc punk" the same weekend and decided to "go freak" and buy blink 182's latest piece of shit album so id have something to talk about at my new lunch table where all the "skaters" sit. although ive only been into this type of music for a short time (6 years this summer), im pretty positive that its not some kind of phase, or that im gonna wake up tomorrow and decide that it would be cooler for me to go goth. at 20 years old, ill be DAMNED if someone calls me a trendy or a bandwagon jumper.
now let me get to the point of this whole shpiel. did i spell that right? whatever. the whole idea of bitching about kids like that is retarded as fuck. ill tell you why. people are always going to feel this need to fit in somewhere. anywhere really. the punks who usually stay with it are the ones who were social outcasts from day one back in kindygarden. nerds, white trash, gays, lesbians, artists, even a few black kids used to show up at shows (why arent there any black punks anymore?). its a fucking joke that we even have to bitch about fucked up people in the scene, when the whole scene started out as being ALL FUCKED UP PEOPLE IN THE FIRST PLACE! the ones who move on were never really punk in the first place, so why even worry about it. they ARE going to get bored with it sooner or later, and once someone tells them what punk really is all about and they hear some REAL music where the singer is rolling around on the floor screaming gibberish while one guitarist holds his guitar snug up against the amp so it squeals like a piggy while the other one smashes his on the floor next to the singers head... thats a run on sentence, sorry about that. theyre gonna be turned off right then and there. and if they arent, well goddamn, there might just be hope for the little fuckers afterall.
try telling people about the history of this shit and where it came from, drop some band names, invite them to a show. anything but waste your precious time and energy on pissing and moaning. cry me a fucking river, why dont ya.
actually, im doing the same thing right now by bitching about you, so ill shut up now, but maybe i knocked a little bit of sense into you. or maybe i just got you all fucking flustered, but at least now youre thinking and i got to say my piece. piss on you anyway.
sam sinister