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14 DEC. 2001, 10:51 PM

Vegans. How nice, haha. I can't think of one single more arrogant movement in the history of punk culture than VEGANISM. It's bullshit. Fucking HATE the idea of it. "Why?" you ask? Well, first of all, let's break down exactly what the typical vegan uses for his (oops, sorry, i meant "his or her") excuse for ruining his, or her, enjoyment of food:
1. The meat companies are cruel, and/or they use cruel methods to kill, raise, maintain, or whatever, these animals. Alright, stop right there. First, any method of killing something is bound to be cruel. That's just common fucking sense. Second, the animals get fed, they have other animals to talk to, it can't be that bad of a life, can it? I mean, I personally would LOVE to not pay rent and have someone feed me X amount of times a day, not to mention lots of other people who look, act, and sound exactly like me everywhere i look. I could fuck ANYONE I wanted to without asking first, in broad daylight to boot. Now THAT'S what life is about. FUCK YOU, haha...
2. The consumption of animals is cruel and unusual and should be discouraged. Yeah, real cruel and unusual. I know everytime I go to cut MY steak, it starts crying. Unusual, why yes, NO ONE eats meat, that's FUCKED, dude. Get a fuckin life.
3. A vegitarian diet is much more healthy than a diet of animal muscles and fat tissue. Yeah, seriously. Vegans don't look like JUNKIES or anything, do they? All the vegans I KNOW are all competing in the "Strongest Man in the World" competetion next year. Must be all those beans and rice.
4. Meat is murder. Someone call the fucking police!!! hahahaha (Sorry, that's the best I could do.)
5. I like to lead a cruelty/guilt-free existance. Me too. That's why I don't beat up 5-year-olds or stick fire crackers up dogs' asses. Anyway, look at it from my point of view: If you were in a jungle, and you didn't want to eat meat because it's "not natural" and all living things are equal, what happens when a lion comes along and decides you look MIGHTY TASTEY (mmmm!!!) and decides to chase you. Animals kill other animals for food. Sure, there's animals that only eat plants, but i don't think humans were supposed to be one of them. Are you, maybe, placing yourself above the rest of the animal kingdom? That's a little snooty, don't you think? I mean, all living things ARE equal, afterall. After you die, worms and bugs and bacteria are going eat you, but hey, you died "guilt-free", right? And the vegitarians are even worse than vegans (for those of you who don't know, the difference between a VEGITARIAN and a VEGAN is that vegitarians don't eat meat, and vegans don't eat meat, or eggs, or drink milk, wear leather, or fleece, or any of that other happy horseshit. Oops, is that term exploiting to horses?). They put it upon themselves to not eat meat, but they'll clothe themselves in the hide of the animals that died to make all that meat. Fucking hippocrites.
I happen to LIKE the idea of a butcher smashing some cow in the skull with a ballpeen hammer, slicing its neck, them slicing it from neck to nutsack. Don't get me wrong, I love my vegitables. But my meal just wouldn't be complete without a nice slab of animal carcass. Have you had YOUR break today?
Sammy "The Butcher" Sinister