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Artists dolls
Human hair - articulated body
54 cm
Artist :
Bettina Feigenspan-Hirsch
Authenticity certificate :
1999 - Nr. 2
50 cm, gorgeous human hair wig, glass eyes
A true little beauty
Artist : Ilse Wippler
(Sigikid : Kiga Kids)
Porcelain (biscuit)
real hair and certified jewels :
2 topazes of 0,909 ct
(ear rings) silk and organza dress
Artist : Angela McNeely
Number 148/750
Authenticity certificate : Ruby Doll Collection
90 cm
I was lucky enough to have my Danielle, it was because a very nice person living in Chartres accepted to leave her go. Thank you so much Martine !
Baby Brchen
Artist: Pauline van Wees
Porcelain (biscuit)
Number 14/500
Authenticity certificate : The Angel's Paradise
66 cm
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The same little one
...as a sailor. Isn't he cute ?
...at home and more relax !
after the stressful life of a top model, isn't it great to forget it all for a while !?