Links to Background and Resources
on collective process
nEssays from Anarres Books:
1. "The Tyranny of Structurelessness"
by Jo Freeman
2. "Collective Organisation" by John Englart
3. ANTI-MASS-"Methods of Organisation for Collectives"

nMurray Bookchin Archive
Excerpt: Murray Bookchin on Consensus
"[Consensus] permits an insidious authoritarianism and gross manipulations."

nFrom Left Green Perspectives: A Social Ecology Publication: "Policy Statements"
Excerpt:Policy Statement (on consensus) by Janet Biehl
"Truth and clarity reside in the interests of the oppressed, not in the interests of those in power. Attempts to stymie discussion only support the ruling order."

nThe Bureau of Public Secrets:
Includes:The Joy of Revolution by Ken Knabb:
Excerpt: "Political correctness, or equal opportunity alienation"
"Above all, the system thrives when it can deflect social contestation into squabbles over privileged positions within it."

nRecorded lectures on consensus decision-making:

n"Chasing Rainbows? Utopian Pragmatics and the Search for Anarchist Communities" by Randall Amster

n"Grassroots Rot: How Citizens' Groups Destroy Themselves" by Charles Dobson

nFrom: (Dis)connection:"Tanya's Thoughts on Collectives" by Tanya

n"A Critique of Consensus Process" by Zoe Mitchell
Response by Mediageek:

n"Race, Anarchy and Punk Rock" by Otto Nomous

n"Activists and 'Difficult People'" by Brian Martin

n"Challenging the Corruptions of Information Power"
by Brian Martin

n"On Organization"
by Tom Wetzel

n"Listen Anarchist!"
by Chaz Bufe
ninfighting the good fight:
"Why We’re Right and You’re Wrong: Towards a Non-D(en)ominational Revolution"

n"Blocking Progress: Consensus Decision Making in the Anti-Nuclear Movement"
By Howard Ryan

n"Communes, Collectives and Claptrap" by Graham Purchase

n"No More Advocacy: Towards a More Inclusive Process of Liberation" by Ben Michaelis

n"A source to explore the notion of a civil society."
"Democracy can exist only if each of us is doing our part every moment in building a democratic community."

n"Democracy and Diversity in Feminist Organizations: Learning from Three Decades of Practice"
II. Internal Critique of Structureless Democracy and Sisterly Virtue

n"Can Collectives Be Sustainable?" by Maryann Abbs
(PDF), (Plain Text)
Excerpt: "Collective Process: Is It Sustainable?"

n"Values and Conflicts of Values in the Pragmatist Tradition" by H.G. Callaway

n"The Pedagogy of The Interhuman" by Alexander M. Sidorkin

n"Thinking Critically about Authority"
Resources for Independent Thinking:

by Walter A. Wright

nBridging Cultures in Our Schools: New Approaches That Work
"Contrasts Between Individualism and Collectivism"

nDefinitions of due process:
1. DUE PROCESS OF LAW by Barnabas D. Johnson
"The phrase 'due process of law' originated in a 1355 restatement of the 1215 Magna Carta, by which for the first time in history (apparently) the government -- in this case, King John -- was brought 'under the law'."
"If any question of fact or liability be conclusively presumed against him, this is not due process of law."
problems encountered by collectives
n"Demise of the Beehive Collective: Infoshops Ain't the Revolution" by Brad Sigal

nFrom the New SPACE Pluralism Page:
1. "NY left institution purges Capital teacher"
2. "Doing pluralism" by Alan Freeman

nANARCHO-SCENEISM: What it is, and how to fight it

nFrom: (Dis)connection:"Montreal Complaints Department" by DPSMD
n"Aims and Objectives of the Anarchist Movement: Comparison With Similar Organisations"

n"Librairie Alternative Bookstore"
by Anonymous

nEpicenter Zone San Francisco (punk rock store)
basic texts
nSpunk Library Catalog:
Consensus Decision Making
(Preface and Chapter One)

nFood Not Bombs Guide To Formal Consensus

nSan Francisco Food Not Bombs: A Food Not Bombs Operator's Manual

nAnarchism in Action: Methods, Tactics, Skills, and Ideas

n"Peace News explores some of the pros, cons and practicalities of consensus decision-making"

nConsensus, A Mini-Guide, by Mark Shep

n"Nonviolent Action Handbook"
by Sanderson Beck

n"Papers on Non-Violent Action and Cooperative Decision-Making" by Randy Schutt
Selected papers for those unable to open PDF files.

nActivist's Toolkit

nThe World Revolution Activism Resources

"A Comprehensive Guide to Reaching Agreement"
(Contents and Introduction)
A Short Guide to Consensus Building

nRant Trainers Collective

nDemocracy In The Raw: Consensus Process For Facilitated Meetings

n"Suppression of Dissent: Documents and contacts"
edited by Brian Martin

nACT-UP -- Disobedience Training -- Consensus Decision Making -- -- Affinity Groups & Support --

nQuaker consensus process

nThe Co-Intelligence Institute
"We offer a new vision of democracy and politics. We collect and share collaborative methods. We collect stories of collaboration and wholeness."
This site has over 600 pages, including:

1. Approaches & Processes
2. "Fishbowl Technique for Adversarial Meetings," by Tom Atlee
3. "Praise for the accused one in the centre," from the Babemba tribe of South Africa
4. Innovations in Democracy
"toward wiser democracies that work for all"

nTaking Children Seriously(TCS)
"An advanced and thoroughly anarchist approach to group process."

nNon-Violent Communication

nKill Radio:
"Consensus Decision Making"
plain text version.

nJustaBunchoKids: A Punk Collective

n"radical & anarchist links: collectives, consensus, etc."
Left Bank Books Collective

n"Resources for meeting and group process"
Northwest Intentional Communities Association

nWikipedia: Consensus Decision Making

nFellowship for Intentional Community: Community Bookshelf (book ordering)

n"La Gestione Nonviolenta dei Conflitti" (in Italian: "Nonviolent Conflict Management")
Consensus Index:
recommended books
nBuilding United Judgment: A Handbook for Consensus Decision Making, by The Center for Conflict Resolution, available from the Fellowship for Intentional Community at
or 1 800 995 8342
nOn Conflict and Consensus: a Handbook on Formal Consensus Decision Making, by C.T. Butler and Amy Rothstein, available from Food Not Bombs Publishing at
or 1 800 569 4054
n Recommendations for useful links offered by visitors to the site.