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n"The Machiavellian Circus: How Well-Meaning Collectives Degenerate Into Power Struggles and Purges," in Social Anarchism, 2003-2004 (Issue #35).
($6.00 to Social Anarchism, 2743 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218 USA; also available at various bookstores and newsstands. For info on Social Anarchism and back issues, go to http://www.socialanarchism.org.)

nReprints of some articles from this Web site appeared in the Spring/Summer 2004 issue of Practical Anarchy: http://www.practicalanarchy.org.


nAdded Web pages to the Links page.


nWe are currently posting new entries several times a week to Never Got Used to It and Living on Less. The blogs also include links to many more Web sites and blogs.

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nPrintable version of the Collective Book on Collective Process:
Book One, Book Two, Book Three

nWorksheets to help groups work on problems.
Printable worksheets.

nBegging page: Please contribute your thoughts and writings to this project.

This section is for writing that may not fit neatly in an existing booklet. It's waiting for your input and contributions.

nCase Studies.
This section will contain concrete examples of how problems within collectives can start, escalate, and turn ugly (or fizzle out or get resolved, enabling the collective to return to a more harmonious situation). Please send us your stories.