Please Contribute:
We need your help. We would like this to be a collective endeavor that is built with contributions from anyone who is interested in egalitarian group process.
This project's aim is to describe and identify some common negative dynamics that can occur whenever people try to work together in a collective. Our belief is that for problems to be resolved and, especially, headed off in the future, they must first be recognized and clearly defined.
We have found that certain patterns repeat themselves again and again in different activist groups, even ones that are unconnected with one another. We hope to shed some light on these common problems. In order to make this book a useful resource for collectives we would like your input, viewpoints, and perspectives.

nComments and suggestions regarding the preliminary drafts on this site. We will add these to the "Feedback" section right away, and they will influence the project as it progresses. (You might want to specify if you'd like your name and/or email address to be listed; if you don't specify, we will post your submission anonymously.)

nPersonal experiences, especially difficulties encountered in working collectively.

nComplete (or partial) chapters to be added to the current booklet-in-progress.

nArticles and essays dealing with collective process.

nLinks to related sites.

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