09 Aug 2004

All the images in the Gallery are up now and I've added more from the Outer Limits episode 'The Grid'.

Past Updates

25 July 2004 - Site layout changed and a video clip from 'The Story of Us' added to the Multimedia section. Not all images in the gallery are up yet. I'll try and get them done in the next week or so.

19 July 2004 - Added a vid clip of Colleen's part in 'Beautiful' and changed the layout of the multimedia page a bit. It was getting a bit confusing.

16 July 2004 - I've put up a video clip from 'Teryl Rothery's Video Diary' in the multimedia section.

13 July 2004 - Screen captures from 'Max' are up.

6 July 2004 - Added a transcript of 'Beautiful'.

21 May 2004 - Added some Poltergeist: the Legacy screen captures to the gallery.

16 May 2004 - Added DVD captures from 'Beautiful' to the gallery.

12 May 2004 - Changed the site a little and added a news page. I also added two links to the Links page.

6 May 2004 - Updated the Appearances page with Colleen's latest appearance in 'The Book of Ruth'. Thanks for letting me know, Kelsey! Also added some better quality caps from 'A Feeling Called Glory'.

30 April 2004 - Added DVD captures from 'Teryl Rothery's Video Diary' and another official pic for 'Rite of Passage'.

27 April 2004 - Changed the layout of the site and added another photo to the gallery 'Photos and Headshots'.

21 April 2004 – Added screen captures from ‘The Story of Us’.

12 April 2004 – Added captures from ‘Teryl Rothery’s Video Diary’.

30 March 2004 – Added DVD captures of ‘Bane’ and ‘Rite of Passage’.

17 March 2004 - I've changed the thumbnails in the galleries, added some larger captures from 'Bane' and added a video clip from Outer Limits 'Under the Bed'. I have also changed the menu and put up screen captures for 'Beautiful' and 'These Arms of Mine'.

5 December 2003 - Added 'A Feeling Called Glory' transcript, some official pics in the Screen Captures section and the Awards page has been updated.  There's also more caps for the Outer Limits episode 'Under the Bed'.

12 November 2003 - Added DVD captures of 'Rite of Passage' and added a biography. Also changed the background colour of the page. Pink was getting a bit annoying :)

25 September 2003 - Added screen captures of 'A Feeling Called Glory'.

10 September 2003 - Added more screen captures of 'Bane' and changed the banner on the index page.

6th August 2003 - Added Appearance information and captures from 'Bane'.  Links page also updated.  Multimedia section also added with links to trailers of Colleen's movies and some clips from 'Rite of Passage'.

20th July 2003 - Added some more Stargate screen captures from 'Rite of Passage'.

13th July 2003 - Transcripts page added and two Stargate transcripts as well.  The transcripts both belong to the Yahoo Group SG1_Transcripts.  If you like Stargate please join.  It's a great group.

Latest News

11 May 2004

The Book of Ruth is on cable TV in Australia on the Hallmark Channel:
31/05/04 - 8:30pm
01/06/04 - 12:00pm