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Hi there! I finally found some time to fix this web site up! Enough about college stuff...more about me. Well I am 17 years old and currently reside in Altanta, GA! I go to a private school here and I am a SENIOR! Good luck to the CLASS OF 2003, WE LEAVIN! Anyways I am 5'5, brown hair and eyes, single and a really nice person. I am ready for college! I got accepted to GA STATE! But still waiting on GA Southwestern, FSU, FAMU, PALM BEACH, and Miami I plan on majoring in pre-pharamcy then going onto Pharamcy College and getting my Pharm. D.!

I used to go to public school, but I didn't feel a challange so I swiched over to the tough stuff!--in my opinion. So I have experienced both sides of school. It was wierd going from a crowded public school to a very small private school, but I adjusted and it's pretty good here! I feel I am ready for college and ready for the challange.

Well some of my hobbies/activities are going to church, chilling with friends, drawing, skating, dancing, playing tennis, the violin, swimming, 4-H club, dance team, writing poems and sleeping (lol)-- just to name a few!

Hmmm...I think I have told you as much as I can about my self. And oh yeah I have a 8 year old sister, and live with my mom and dad! And my birthday's on October 28th just to let u know! Give me a shoutout that day! lol~ and yeah this site has been dedicated to all my friends who have came to me with all of their college woes!


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