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Early Action

Early Action, at most colleges, is considered to be a highly competitive program, intended for the best qualified students. A small group of Ivy League and highly selective colleges developed theis application plan which allows canidates to be notified of an admissions decision in December, yet delay their enrollment agreement until May 1. Although a student may apply to more than one college under Early Action, colleges prefer that an applicant select only on Early Action school. If a student is not accepted under this program and is not admitted, he/she may be deferred to the regular admission pool or just rejected.

Early Decision

Students who are certain of their first-choice college by early fall of the senior year may choose to apply to that college under an Early Decision plan. Guidlines for Early Decision and deadlines for application vary from school to school, but the common thread is that these plans notify an applicant of the admissions decision well before regular decisions are sent. If accepted under the Early Decision plan, a student must withdraw any applications he or she has submitted to other schools and sent an enrollment deposit to the first-choice college. This plan indicates to the Admission Committee the depth of his/her interest in the school. If not admitted under this plan, the student is usually considered for admission later in the year; alternatively, he/she may be rejected!

Rolling Admission

Some colleges will notify students of an admission decision as soon as they review an application and all relevant credentials. This notification usually occurs within four to six weeks after a student submits his/her application to the college. In some cases where students benefit from having extra grades and test scores reviewed, the colleges will defer making a final decision until later in the year and will ask the student to send new information. Students applying to schools with Rolling Admission are urged to send in their applications as soon as possible in order to take advantage of competing for the greatest number of openings.