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Hello to all the youthful minds thinking about college! Yeah I know when you hear the word COLLEGE you go crazy. But I have a solution to your problems. Well maybe not a whole solution, but I can personally help you with your college woes! I know that you have so many questions and worries that you are thinking about right now, like:
  • What steps do I start taking now?
  • Where do I go for help?
  • I can't get into the college of my choice, it's too expensive!
Before we get started I would like to introduce myself~ My name is Shae. I am currently a Junior at a private school in Georgia! I'm just a friendly girl wanting to help people like you get rid of the college blues! To learn more about me check out ~WHO IS SHAE?~

Now lets continue! On your left and right you will see a table of contents~ just click on any topic of your interest and browse! Under all these topics you will find many helpful answers to your questions.

If you need more help, information or have any comments and suggestions you can contact me instantly at:

AOL messenger: Shaen03

yahoo messenger: collegenstuff
email me at: collegenstuff@yahoo.com

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