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You are ready to start this long journey to look for the college for YOU!!! Let's get started!!!

What to Look For in Your College Search
  • Location and its effect on campus life
  • Costs/financial aid programs/scholarship opportunities
  • Importance of grades, test scores, application essay, recommendations in admissions
  • Selectivity
  • Aims/mission of college
  • Strong programs of departments (particulary in your areas of interests)
  • Special academic or co-curricular programs (Honors and Leadership programs)
  • Study abroad programs
  • Amount of freedom to design one's own college program
  • Retention rate
  • Graduation rate
  • Academic schedule
  • Faulty-student ratio
  • Living arrangements
  • ehtnic and geographic diversity
  • Present enrollment
  • College's endowment (is the school financially secure)
  • Experiential learning programs (intersnships, co-ops)
  • Sports and extra-curricular offerings
  • Post graduate placement
  • Academic support (peer tutorial, writing labs, services for students w/ disabiities)
  • Campus technology (Internet access and/or intra-campus communitcations)
  • Class sizes (do you want large or small classes?)


    Do financial limitation affect your choice of college?
    Start with the idea that any college is affordable. Cost should not be a limiting factor because, even thought it is getting more difficult to fund a college education, there is money available from many sources. Check out Scholarships and Financial Aid... for more information.


    • Talk with alumni and friends now in college. Talk to graduating seniors.
    • Talk with your parents about their own preferences, priorities, and restrictions. You may find that compromise is needed on certain issues and that your mom wants you closer to home. (just kidding about the mom part!)
    • Attend college fairs and talk to college representatives visiting your school! Look at College Fairs for more information.