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Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper and put them somewhere safe!

Evaluate your interests, abilities, ambitons, and goals:
  1. What are your personal strenths and qualities of character?
  2. How independent, resourceful, creative, and motivated are you?
  3. What are your values?
  4. How do you interact with your peers? With adults?
  5. What kind of academic record do you have?
  6. What has your course selection been?
  7. Do you work up to your ability?
  8. Do you participate well in class?
  9. How are you affected by competition?
  10. How do you best learn? with literature? discussion? hands-on? visual?
  11. Are you a self-starter, or do you need frequent prodding from parents and teachers to work to your potential?
  12. What helps you succedd?
  13. How do you deal with sucess? failure?
  14. Are you already thinking of a career or profession? if yes, what is it?
  15. Do you have hobbies or talents? do they require a particular location or particular program?
  16. In what types of environments (physical, social, and intellectuall) do you feel most comfortable?

These questions will help you know what to consider or look for personally when looking at collges. The collge research section will help you look further into what you want to look for in a college!