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Okay this is your last year to get everything finalized and perhaphs your busiest year preparing for college! Here are the steps month by month to get you ready to move into your new dorm:


  • Apply take the ACT-SAT-SAT II in October or December
  • Draft your personal essay for your college application; make sure to have it read by someone who is a good writer. (e.i.- your English teacher)
  • Get recommendation letters from teachers (esp. the ones who like you and you made good grades in their classes)
  • Meet with colleges that visit your school
  • Get transcript of your grades from your guidance office and send at least one college application (if your ready)


  • Take the ACT-SAT-SAT II if required
  • Apply to at least 3 colleges by Christmas or as many as you need to; check for earlier application deadlines
  • Check your guidance office for weekly scholarship postings
  • Question colleges about scholarships for--MERIT:(grades, test, ect.), TALENT:(athletics, theatre, drama, ect.), and MAJOR (accounting, music, ect.)


  • File an estimated "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) go to Sites for more help and information to file one on-line.
  • Your college acceptance will be received if you applied during October Novemver, or Decmeber


  • You will recieve a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Federal Government in response to the FAFSA
  • If the colleges request them, send copies of student's and parent's 1040's


  • Financial aid awards will be received; choose the best one with acceptance
  • Send in your college housing deposits


  • Congratulations! You've graduated!
  • Send in applications for college loans
  • Take some summer classes to get a head start on your freshman year in college
  • Work and save money to spend on those little extras that you'll want for school (e.i. like pizza, clothes, pizza, shoes, pizza, ect.)
Time to go shopping with mom to make sure you don't forget to buy every little thing you need, and then TIME TO MOVE INTO DORMS and START SCHOOL! GOOD LUCK!