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Well, well, well it's time to start visiting colleges awww man! Well this is not the boring part of your research it's time to rejoice! You are going to get out, walk, talk, and greet real college students, and view different college settings.

The best time to start campus visits is during the spring of your Junior year, but doing it before then is fine also. They should continue into the summer and into the fall of you senior year. Plan to visit many schools of different sizes, communities, and locales so that you can determine the type of institution and environment that best meets your needs, both academically and socially. When you visit colleges it is important to keep these helpful hints handy:
  • Call the admission office 2 weeks prior to your planned visit to make you official appointment
  • Make specific requests: tour the campus, meet with an admission counselor, have lunch in the cafeteria, attend a class, meet with a certain professor, speak with the financial aid officer, or spend the night in the residence halls, ect.
  • Determine if you are going for a one-on-one interview or an information session
  • If going to a personal interview or information sesssion come with questions
  • Visit colleges armed with questions and specific charcteristics to consider
  • Do not schedule more than 2 schools per day. Give your self time to get a real feel of each campus
  • While on campus, read the newspaper, and talk to students on your own.
  • Take a note pad just in case you want to take notes.