Put Jesus in you, on you, all around you. If you don't eat, drink and breath him then death shall surely overtake you. Praise be to Him who sits on the throne. We shall sing to Him a new song - may it be a joyfull sound to the King's ears.

I personally believe that any kind of music that glorifies and celebrates the most high one is heard as a joyful sound to Him. Whether it is a school choir of sweet, inocent children, or a band of tatooed, long haired, scary looking Jesus freaks - it is still a joyfull sound to God. I know when I get to heaven, I'm playing a hard mean guitar.

Here are some links to places where you can listen to, and buy, Christian music. Also, are some band links and the real audio bytes take about 20 seconds to load up on a 28.8 modem.

Click-->Or, you can listen to them without waiting for them to load by reading these quick and easy to follow directions.

If you want to buy, check out, and possibly hear, some of the greatest Christian Rock, Alternative, and Metal bands - click here

CREED - One of the world's best Christian bands - they're even played on secular radio stations.

My Own Prison

What's This Life For

WATERDEEP - One Awsome christian folk/rock band

Night That Felt Outdated

Here is another of my most favorire bands - THIRD DAY

  1. Nothing At All
  2. You Make Me Mad

    This is the first Christian metal band I ever heard - I feel a special bond to them.

    Acid Head

    OK, here it is, this is to the most controversial Christian band ever - SAVIOUR MACHINE. You have to have shockwave to get the full experience of this page, but it is well worth it

    Two clips from their album LEGEND I

    1. I am
    2. Antichrist

    Two clips from their album LEGEND II

    1. Behold - A Pale Horse
    2. Rapture - The Seventh Seal

    Here are some pics of the lead singer and band SAVIOUR MACHINE

    Another picture of Eric Clayton

    SAVIOUR MACHINE'S (Christianity's most controversial band) LEAD SINGER - ERIC CLAYTON

    Pic of the whole band

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