The Drug Knowledge Purity Test

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
The "submit" button is at the bottom.

  1. Do you know at least 3 terms for marijuana?
  2. More than 4?
  3. More than 6?
  4. Have you ever invented a name for it?
  5. Have you ever smoked marijuana?
  6. Haver you ever gone somewhere important (eg. class or work) while stoned?
  7. Have you ever driven while stoned?
  8. Have you ever bought marijuana?
  9. Have you ever bought more than 1/2 oz?
  10. More than 1 oz?
  11. Have you ever grown marijuana?
  12. Have you ever sold it?
  13. Do you own a smoking device?
  14. More than three?
  15. Is one or more of them a bong?
  16. Over 2 feet?
  17. Is 4:20 your favorite time of day?
  18. Did you understand that question?
  19. Have you ever hotboxed a car or room?
  20. Have you ever eaten hash/pot brownies?
  21. Have you ever made them?
  22. Have you ever made a pipe or bong from something not intended for that use (eg. tinfoil, water bottles)?
  23. Have you ever smoked marijuana on a school campus? (college dorms don't count)
  24. Do you know what a carb is?
  25. A "g"?
  26. An "O"?
  27. Do you own a scale? (I don't mean bathroom scale!)
  28. Have you ever seen magic mushrooms?
  29. Eaten them?
  30. Have you ever bought LSD?
  31. In a vial?
  32. Do you know another name for LSD?
  33. Have you ever tripped (I don't mean fallen down) in public?
  34. At school?
  35. Around your parents?
  36. Do you think Jimmy Hendrix's music sounds like an LSD trip?
  37. Have you ever had a bad trip?
  38. One that landed you in the hospital?
  39. Have you tripped more than 5 times?
  40. More than 10?
  41. Have you ever had a trip that affected the rest of your life?
  42. Have you ever rolled?
  43. Did you know that meant have you ever taken ecstasy?
  44. Have you ever candy flipped?
  45. Do you know what that means?
  46. Have you done any of the following drugs on crutches: LSD
  47. extasy?
  48. candy flipped?
  49. Have you ever snorted extasy?
  50. Have you injected it?
  51. Do you get an evil grin when you see an ad for "E- the entertainment network?"
  52. When you see a box of Special K?
  53. Do you know why I asked?
  54. Have you ever taken ketamine?
  55. PCP?
  56. Snorted cocaine?
  57. Seen people snort cocaine?
  58. Been around people who are tripping?
  59. rolling?
  60. candy flipping?
  61. on PCP?
  62. on heroin?
  63. on crack?
  64. Have you ever used heroin?
  65. crack?
  66. Are you addicted?
  67. Have you ever taken more than 3 recreational drugs in one night?
  68. more than 5?
  69. Have you ever blacked out from drug use?
  70. Have you ever over dosed?
  71. Have you ever been caught under the influence?
  72. By the cops?
  73. Have you been caught in possession?
  74. By the cops?
  75. Are you intoxicated right now?
  76. Do you find it difficult to go a whole weekend without drugs?
  77. Have you taken prescription medication that wasn't yours?
  78. Have you taken OTC medication to get high?
  79. Did it work?
  80. Have you ever faked illness to get medication?
  81. Have you ever sold possessions to get money for drugs?
  82. ...Sold yourself?
  83. Have you ever been to rehab?
  84. Have you been to jail for a drug related offense?
  85. Sold anything besides marijuana?
  86. Sold drugs of any kind on a school campus? (college dorms don't count)
  87. Carried drugs on campus?
  88. Have you ever sold an inert substance as drugs?
  89. Have you ever woken up and not known where you were?
  90. Not known who you were?
  91. Have you ever had sexual activity (doesn't have to be actual sex) while on LSD?
  92. While on extasy?
  93. While stoned?
  94. Have you ever taken a drug test?
  95. Did you fail?
  96. Have you ever taken something just to see what it would do?
  97. Have you tripped while outdoors?
  98. Have you ever done a knife hit?
  99. Do you know what one is?
  100. Do you feel the need to cut a line whenever you see a glass table?

Good going!