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    ada Cerpen saya disitu bersama cerpenis Pipiet Senja , Asma Nadia dkk.

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    Hi! My name is Labibah. I am from Indonesia.
    I got my DRA Degree from IAIN Sunan kalijaga Yogyakarta.
    I got my MLIS Degree from Graduate School of Library
    and Information Studies of McGill University Montreal,Canada.
    Right now I am pursuing my PhD at the same University
    I enjoy reading,writing poetry,Short stories and also drama.
    My love for Family,poetry and drama has brought me to dedicate this web site.

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                    MY SWEET HEARTS
                    My Husband, Aly D. Musyrifa and his Poems
                    My Kids, Akyasa Adiba, Danial A Allaudza'i and Zirak A Mubarak
                    Our Photo Blog

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                    LINKS TO POETRY
                    Listening to the American Poets
                    Poetry Daily

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                    Apllied And Interactive Theater guide
                    Theaterical Term
                    Searching Drama Sites

                    LINKS TO NEWS
                    Jendela Indonesia
                    BBC Online
                    CNN Interactive

                    LINKS TO ISLAMIC SITES
                    Listening to the Holy Koran
                    Library of Islam
                    Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilizations
                    Down load Prayer times Suite
                    Islamic Songs by Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)

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