That's RIGHT!!!!  Only Thre greast movie of all time would be on my page.  I have a quest to watch it every single day until the end of the year.  I'm a little ahead of that pace.  What is BASEketball you ask???  Read on to find out.

        BASEketball is a game that is for all people.  People with bad backs can compete against people all goosed up on steroids.  Two teams of three do the dance of death on a basketball court shaped like a baseball diamond.  Among other rules, the most inmportant is the Psyche-Out.  Read on.

Our heros in the movie are Coop Cooper and Doug Remer.  They are basicly two guys who enjoy life, with two goals.  1. Beer which they have plenty of.  2.  Women, which they have none of.  They invent BASEketball at a party over a bert for 50 dollars.  As the game goes on they keep adding rules to confuse the other team.  This game catches fire quickly and the whole neighborhood gets involved.

Pretty soon Coop and Remer along with their teammate Squeak "Little Bitch" Scolari, are in the first championship of BASEketball.  They win it in dramatic fashion, and Coop is approached by Ted Denslow, a millionaire.  He suggest the National BASEketball League.  He asks Coop if he has ever wanted to be a sports star?  Coop replies, "Sure....  Once....  But that......  was a long time ago."  The league gets started and we zoom five years into the future.

Coop (on the left)  and Remer (on ther right)  Find themselves in the Denslow Cup, the championship of BASEketball.  They lose due to an unfortunate psyche-out caused by Ted Denslow's death.

At this point we meet Coop's dream girl, Yamine Bleeth.

The team is willed to Coop by Mr. Denslow, but he has to carry the Beers to the Championship to keep it after the next season.

Well blah, blah, blah, and yada, yada, yada later, the movie comes to an end.


All I recommend is that you see it.  It's the best movie in the world.


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