Diethelm Scanstyle Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Some examples of D-SCAN produts, which are mostly found in USA.
D-SCAN & Scanstyle International USA.


Mahogany dining room, design by Nissen & Gehl Denmark.


Mahogany Bedroom, table's design by Nissen & Gehl Denmark.
Bed design, Carsten Ovesen, Singapore.
Teak bedroom, design John Bagge, Denmark.
Teak dining room, design Carsten Ovesen, Singapore
Corporate office, design John Bagge, Denmark.
Out door furniture, design Carsten Ovesen.


Diethelm Scanstyle Pte Ltd, Singapore

Contract production for other European marketing companies.


Berga Interiors A/B.
Copyrights Berga Interior A/B, Sweden 1997.


Viken Chair & Table, design Gunilla Norin.


Trip Trap A/S, Denmark.
Copyrights Trip Trap A/S Denmark 1997.


Drachman garden set, lacquered white, design Bernt Santesson.


Drachman garden set, in solid Teak, design Bernt Santesson.


Selandia chair & table, solid Teak,
Design Lars Helgelund, Anders Helgelund & Poul B. Eskilsen




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