Welcome to my (Yoshi's) Christian (and some not-bad-but-secular) Band Site's and Sounds Page.

This Page has sound bytes encoded in Real Audio. If you don't have Real Audio, then you can get Real Player 5.0 here.

If you found this page somehow other than through my MAIN PAGE,which I don't know how you could have, then please go there and check it out. That's where you will find all the info about me, my interests, and some of my friends.

If you want to email me, please do so at kavess_77@yahoo.com

This is the place to go for Christian Band Links, soundbytes, and even a link to a online store where you can listen to more Christian music and buy it if you like it.

This is my favorite band of all time. OCTOBER PROJECT is a mix of folk, rock, and classical with a lead singer whose haunting voice is like a instrument from Heaven. I got Sounds, pics, and links in here.

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