The Denise Page!

Before you go drooling over the beautiful pictures, here's a little background info:

  1. Age: 32
  2. Height: 5'3"... upon further review, she's actually 5'4"
  3. Weight: Thin
  4. Eye color: Hazel... again, upon further review, I'm going to have to say Brown
  5. Hair color: Brown and short
  6. Interests:
    1. The Pittsburgh Penguins
    2. American Ballet Theatre
    3. Gelsey Kirkland (favorite dancer)
    4. Jimmy Buffett
    5. Julia Child
    6. Her brother's golf photography company!!
  7. Past careers:
    1. Professional ballerina
    2. Bartender
    3. Something or other in Communications...
    4. Circus clown... (ok, maybe not!)
  8. Current careers:
    1. Recruiter for an International Law Firm
    2. Chef extraordinaire
    3. Semi-pro ice-hockey player
    4. Internet pick-up artist!

Now, the moment you've been dreaming of.... PICTURE TIME:
(Note: Denise is even prettier in person than these excellent pictures suggest!)

  1. A ballerina at age 7 picture.
  2. Another ballerina at age 7 photo.
  3. A professional ballerina publicity shot.
  4. A lambada (!) shot.
  5. A Miss America picture.
  6. The ever-popular butt shot.
  7. A prison furlough photo.
  8. A picture of Denise and me!.
  9. Denise carving a cool Penguins pumpkin.
  10. A closeup shot.
  11. Denise and her favorite stuffed animal.
  12. Denise with her cool sunglasses.
  13. Denise on her couch.
  14. Outside the Pittsburgh Penguins' training facility.
  15. Denise posing with the Stanley Cup! (Her fingers are on the two Penguins Cup years.)

Stay tuned for more exciting Denise-related info!

There have been admirers of Denise since February 5, 1996!

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