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Is it the end for Flair?

Is Ric Flair's days in wrestling almost over? Are we seeing the end of a legendary career? The relationship between Flair and WCW may have come to a head. Flair being taken off WCW TV, and the punishment by having Chris Benoit defeat David Flair for the U.S. title, are signs of the end of Flair in the WCW. It is a real shame that a man who led WCW to the point they are today, and been a company man for so long, is being treated in the manner he has been. I don't know Flair personally, but as a man who has giving this business everything he has should be treated more fairly. Now Benoit beating David should be looked at as the right thing to do. David had no right being the U.S. champion. Benoit is well deserving of the opportunity to shine.

As for what will happen when this relationship ends is clearly not known at this time. Will Vince McMahon be interested. What about ECW. With thier new deal on TNN, would it be worth Flair making appearances. Believe it or not I am not opposed to Flair heading to Titan. It could be a good move for both parties involved. For ECW it would bring a big name into thier TV spots that most wrestling fans would know. A lot of new exposure is in the future for ECW. There are plenty of new Tv's the will be reaching. It could mean a name people would know. Who knows we'll just have to wait and see.

Rodman surprises us all

Dennis Rodman and Randy Savage collided at Road Wild. Can you believe it! It wasn't that bad. I didn't get to see it, but from what I've heard it was actually pretty decent. That's more than I thought it would be. As you know I am opposed of celebrities appearing in any kind of match. Most of them could give a shit about wrestling. The would treat it as just another public relations move to feed thier egos. Rodman qctually put forth an effort. Got to give the Worm some credit. Just remember it could have been alot worse.

Is that not just cool or what.