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Welcome to my place on the WEB. As you might have guessed by the beginning of the page, my name is Ryan. I am twenty two years old and in my fourth year at University. I have changed faculty and now am in Business Administration with a concentration in International Relations and Marketing.
My Univeristy is the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, NB, CANADA. Last year however, I spent the year in Québec at the Univeristé Laval. I took a year of off-campus study (from UNB) to improve my French at the Université Laval in Québec. I took some engineering courses so I could be more familiar with all the Engineering stuff in French. Ironic, since I've now switched out of Engineering. If you would like to know more about me, go to my ABOUT ME page!
That page contains (or will soon) facts about me, friends, family, vacations I've gone on, as well as anything else that find worthy of discussing about my life.

My corner of cyberspace is divided into various sections.

 University of New Brunswick

If you are interested in my University then it would only be fair to include Université Laval. Since I spent a year there it will always be one of my Universities... just not the one I will graduate from!

The Sections Of My Corner Are:


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Please check out this page about one of my favorite musical groups. They are a band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. My page includes all the information I can possibly gather about them!

Nothing Page intro
NOTHING PAGE. It isn't really nothing... it just talks about absurd things I find interesting. Simply put, there just isn't a general category that fits the possiblities within this section. That nothing sure is exciting stuff.

Please go see my Len Deighton page. He is a very accomplished writer who writes about spies, politics, cooking and so much more. Why don't you take a look, maybe you will decide to pick up one of his novels. This is my pathetic attempt to promote literacy!

Canadiana Intro

CANADA is COOL! (cold?) Canadiana Page : Includes information on this beautiful country of ours, eh!

Links to my Friends and other miscellaneous links
Friends Intro

The cavalry has arrived! Everyone needs friends or should at least want to have some. Here are some Personal pages from people I like to call my friends! There are also some other interesting links I have discovered on the internet.


Ryan Investigated Site!

This page involves something everyone likes to receive for their hard work. AWARDS! Please take a look at the awards that a few very kind people honored me with...Honor?, Maybe not but it is fun to have someone tell you they like your page. If you would like to receive one of my newly initiated awards, email me or sign my guestbook. However, the first thing you should do is go see my award information page

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