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Tuesday, August 8, 2000 1:30 am
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Boca look from the top

Aug 6. In the 2nd round of Opening 2000, River beat Vélez 2-1 with goal from Cardetti in extra time. Zapata had put River ahead and Federico Domínguez had tied.
Los Andes won over Racing 2-1 in their first game in First Division. They started losing after Estévez goal, but they come around with goals from Víctor López and Monje with two minutes to go.
Almagro held Independiente to a 1-1 draw in their first match. They were winning with goal from Sinisterra but Guerrero scored the equaliser.
San Lorenzo lost to Newell's 1-0 in Rosario with a goal from Cobelli.

Boca lead the standings with 6 points, followed by Huracán, Talleres, River and Colón with 4. In next weekend, Week 1 will be completed. Los Andes - Newell's is the most important game.

Aug 5. Boca won over Unión 2-1. Barijho scored twice at first half and Silvera closed the gap at 67th.
The derby of Córdoba ended 1-1. Artime opend the scoring for Belgrano from a penalty and Astudillo scored the equaliser for Talleres.

Aug 4. Huracán beat Rosario Central 3-1. Derlis Soto opened the scoring at 14th for the home team. Pierucci scored the equaliser at 70th. Then, Morquio and Casas put Huracán on advantage.

You can see the complete schedule, the main transfers and the new squads. We also added the scorers of each game and line-ups.
Follow the scores on line.

Gallardo is back

Aug 4. Coach Bielsa called 18 players for the match against Paraguay: Bonano, Burgos; Pochettino, Ayala, Sensini, Sorín, Samuel, Vivas; Simeone, Almeyda, Verón, Gallardo, Kily González, Gustavo López, Aimar; Ortega, Crespo and Cruz. Four players are out: Batistuta and Zanetti (injured), Claudio López (suspended -two cautions-) and Cavallero.

Jul 26. In Week 6 of the Preliminary Round, Argentina lost to Brazil 3-1. Alex header opened the scoring at 4th. Vampeta extended the advantage at 44th after a rebound in Bonano. One minute later, Almeyda closed the gap with a great left foot shot after combining with Crespo. Vampeta scored the final goal at 50th. Argentina didn't play well and had many problems to create goal situations. Vampeta was the best player. Argentina lined up: Bonano, Sensini, Ayala, Samuel; Zanetti (39th Almeyda), Simeone, Kily González (71st Sorín); Verón, Ortega (71st Gustavo López); Claudio López and Crespo.

Argentina are the leaders of the standings with 15 points followed by Uruguay and Brazil with 11. In Week 7, Argentina will host Paraguay on Wednesday, August 16 at the Monumental Stadium.

We have the box scores of all Argentine games played in this year and the schedule of the World Cup 2002 Preliminary Round.

Mercosur Cup: Boca and River won the first game

Aug 3. San Lorenzo lost 4-3 at home against At.Mineiro (Abreu twice -44th penalty and 53rd-, Romeo 84th; André twice (37th and 88th), Marques 75th and Ramón from penalty 78th).
Aug 2. In the first match of the Mercosur Cup, in Group D, Boca beat Olimpia 1-0 in Paraguay with goal from Battaglia at 86th.
Aug 1. In Group A, River beat Vélez 2-1. Gancedo opened the scoring for the home team at 8th. Chilavert scored the equaliser from a penalty at 39th and the other goalkeeper, Bonano, scored the final goal also from a penalty at 69th.
On Tuesday 8, Independiente will visit Cruzeiro. On Wednesday 9, Boca will host Corinthians and on Thursday 10, Rosario Central will face Cerro Porteño.

Cai Aimar to the Hall of Fame

Jul 25. Former Rosario Central midfielder Carlos Aimar was the most voted star with 184 votes. You can see his personal profile. Berti maybe the winner of the current poll (Aug 9) and Pizzi may win the following one (Aug 29). The stars who received most votes this week were: Bonano, Arruabarrena, Trezeguet, Manso and Romagnoli. We invite you to vote for your favourite players and take part in the final decision.

Belgrano stay, Almagro were promoted

Jul 23. In second legs of the Promotion, Belgrano beat Quilmes 3-1 with goals from Artime (16th), Váttimos -own goal- (72nd) and Luis Sosa (80th). Milozzi had equalised at 60th. Belgrano stayed in First Division.
Almagro drew 1-1 against Instituto in Córdoba and came back to First Division after 61 years. Villalba opened the scoring at 59th and Sarría scored the equaliser for the team from Córdoba at 89th but it wasn't enough.

Jul 20. First legs of the Promotion took place today. Quilmes beat Belgrano 3-1 with goals from Giampietri, Luis Fernando -own goal- and Domínguez at first half. Medina closed the gap at 67th for the team from Córdoba.
Almagro won 1-0 over Instituto with a goal from Maciel at 88th.
Second legs will be played in Córdoba on Sunday. If they tie in points and goal difference, Córdoba teams will stay in First Division.

Los Andes to First Division with Huracán

Jul 16. Los Andes drew 1-1 against Quilmes in the second leg and won the second place in First Division. Czornomaz opened the scoring for Quilmes from a penalty, and Pieters scored the equaliser. Quilmes will play the Promotion against Belgrano.
Jul 8. Los Andes beat Quilmes 2-0 in the first leg for the second spot in First Division A.

Jun 25. Huracán drew 1-1 against Quilmes at Parque Patricios and won the first of two places in First Division A. Alejandro Domínguez put Quilmes ahead at 47th and Di Carlo scored the equaliser at 89th. Huracán Complete Squad.
Jun 17. In the first leg of the finals for a spot in First Division A, Huracán beat Quilmes 1-0 away with a goal from Gastón Casas at 32nd.

River celebrated their second title in a row

Jul 15. In the last round of Closing 2000, River celebrated their 29th championship against San Lorenzo. The match ended 2-2. River went ahead with goals from Berizzo and Zapata, but Romeo and Santana could draw. River completed the "Olympic Tour" before and after the game.

Vélez clinched the spots for the Mercosur Cup 2000 and the Libertadores Cup 2001 after beating Central 2-1. They were losing after Rivarola penalty, but Méndez and Castromán turned the score around with two minutes to go.
Independiente also won 2-1 but they couldnīt qualify because of goal difference.

Belgrano and Instituto will play the Promotion against Quilmes and Almagro. Instituto couldn't win at Jujuy and they ended behind Chacarita who hammered Unión 4-1 in Santa Fe.

River, the champions, ended with 42 points in the standings, followed by Independiente, Colón and San Lorenzo with 36. Opening Championship 2000 will begin on Friday, July 28.

We also added the scorers of each game and line-ups.
Follow the scores on line.

Libertadores Cup: Boca Champions

Jun 21. Boca are the champions of the Libertadores Cup for third time in their history. They drew 0-0 in Brazil and then they won 4-2 in the penalties shoot-out. Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Riquelme, Palermo and Bermúdez scored for Boca. Córdoba saved the penalties shot by Asprilla and Roque Junior. Boca are the fair champions as Palmeiras were afraid of playing at home. Boca lined up: Córdoba; Ibarra, Bermúdez, Samuel and Arruabarrena; Battaglia, Traverso, Basulado, Riquelme; Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Palermo.

Jun 14. In the first leg of the final, Boca drew 2-2 against Palmeiras at the Chocolate Box Stadium. Arruabarrena put Boca ahead twice (21st and 61st), but the Brazilian team managed to draw with goals from Pena (41st) and Euller (72nd). Boca lined up Córdoba; Ibarra, Bermúdez, Samuel and Arruabarrena; Battaglia, Traverso, Gustavo Barros Schelotto (78th La Paglia), Riquelme; Giménez (45th Guillermo Barros Schelotto) and Barijho (45th Palermo).

Diego came back one day ...

May 26. Maradona played football again. He took part in a tribute for Lothar Matthäus in Munich.

He played the first 44 minutes and he simply shone.

When he left the field, he received a standing ovation from 50,000 fans.

Argentine players champions in Europe

May 24. Fernando Redondo won the Champions League with Real Madrid after beating Valencia 3-0 in Paris and ended an excellent season for Argentine players in Europe.

May 19. "Turu" Flores, Schurrer and Scaloni are champions of the Spanish League with Deportivo La Coruña.

May 14. Lazio, the team of Simeone, Verón, Almeyda and Sensini won the Italian Scudetto in the last round and ended with one point of advantage over Juventus.

Beto Acosta, Duscher and Quintana celebrated the championship in Portugal with Sporting Lisboa, who won a title after 18 years.

15-4. Monaco, the team of Marcelo "Muñeco" Gallardo and David Trezeguet, were the champions of the French tournament when there are still three rounds left to the end of the championship.