Welcome to our homepage. Our club is based in the Leicester area of the UK and we are interested in all forms of SILENT FLIGHT, be it F3J, F3B, F3F, Open Class, 100" or 60" Slope Racing.

Although we maintain a local base the club attracts members from all over the UK and we are "...one of the strongest Thermal Soaring clubs in the country"

In our midst we have the Midland Champions in Open Class (1st and 2nd), F3B league A&B pilots and I would say nearly all competitive pilots are capable of winning individual competitions.

The site will be updated with pictures, at various times, of what I hope will be interesting aeronautical items and also competition results.


people have flown past this site!

Last updated 07/01/2004
Richard Yates:- RJY1@le.ac.uk
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