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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you have once again stumbled upon the homepage of your Paragon of Virtue, your personal hero, and the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, A1C Christopher Gates. Yes, I am finally updating the website. . .after only 15 months or so of not touching it, I figured that enough was enough and it was time for a change (R.I.P. Owen. . .we miss ya.)

Over the course of the next few days, I plan on doing more updates on this page. . .including a Sports page, a Wrestling page (not that wrestling isn't a sport, but you know what I mean. . .separating "Sports Entertainment" from the "real thing"), a page with some of my favorite Movies and some brief reviews, and lots of other things. For now, though, you can just explore some of the links I have for your surfing pleasure. Then, you can either SIGN the guestbook or READ what other people have said about my site.

Gonzo's Section O' Links

Adam Schumacher's Homepage My best friend's site. . .it used to be called "Caligula's Web Design," but it's now got lots of cool content on it. If you read it, don't worry about confusion. . .I don't know who "Don Wexo" is either. (-:

The World of Presumptuous Thought This is the site of Eric Mahannah, one of my Internet friends. . .despite being Canadian, he's an alright guy. (-: His site is also where I'm stealing the ideas for most of MY pages from, so there.

The Corner of Insanity The lovely JL Sigman shares with us her thoughts on wrestling, computer gaming, and other such merriment. . .except for the colitis section, which I wouldn't think would be very merry.

Chris Stoneman's Homepage When I have questions about Fantasy Sports, I call upon Stonz. . .

V-Sports.Net And if YOU have questions about Fantasy Sports, you can look here

Rollerjam My new official favorite sport. Beautiful women, spandex, and violence. Need I say more? Yeah, I do. . .go Lindsey Francis!!

Fun and Games

The Gonzo Virtual Baseball League A simulated baseball league, run by yours truly!

Ace Virtual Baseball League A simulated league that I'm in. . .go Fargo-Moorhead Freeze!! (NOTE: When the commissioner isn't in school, the page moves HERE.)

Virtual League Baseball Same thing, different league. . .I own the Dodgers here (because that's who was left. (-: )

Electronic Knockout A boxing simulator? Damn skippy. . .and it's a great set-up.

TNM The ultimate professional wrestling simulator Because if it's on the net, it has to be true!™

Wrestling Sites

Chris Jericho's Webpage The Y2J problem's Internet home

[slash] Wrestling CRZ, the net's best Monday Night recapper

EmZee A new site. . .my pal Jeremy Botter has a big hand in this one

Scoops Wrestling "The Man They Call Al" with all the latest news and rumors

Wrestleline CBS Sportsline's wrestling site. Home of Rick Scaia's Online Onslaught and Mike Samuda's Micasa reports

new World Wide Web Order Intellectual wrestling commentary (NOT an oxymoron) by a group of intelligent wrestling fans (again, NOT an oxymoron)

Also, the official sites of the World Wrestling Federation, Extreme Championship Wrestling, and World Championship Wrestling

Sports Sites Your one-stop sports news headquarters

The Sporting News Everyone's favorite sports magazine online

CNNSI CNN+Sports Illustrated = good sports coverage

CBS Sportsline From the guys that also sponsor Wrestleline.

One-on-One Sports The best damn sports radio shows in the country. . .listen to them all here! 1