Hi! I was really getting bored with Nicole's World, couldn't keep up with things, and started finding it hard to find time to update it, plus i just didn't have the will power to really want to update it. I'd like to not just forget about my page, but instead start over, and make it even better. I received some e-mails with criticisms in them on my page, well this was my last straw and these emails are what really helped me make my decision to start a new page, maybe one that's more from me, more original and unique, and just one that, i can stay with, will be happy to update, and just enjoy making. I want it to be about me, but be pleasing for you, because hey, you are the people visiting it. So for now, Nicole's World, isn't around, but i will try my best to start a new page as soon as i can, so keep checking back, because it will eventually come around! Thanx for all those who sent stuff in for my old page, and supported and appreciated Nicole's World, but i need a new start!! :-) E-mail me if you'd like dipierro@voicenet.com 1