This page is dedicated to help you find information on bicycle clubs in your area. Club pages can contain a wealth of information on biking in your area such as ride schedules and descriptions, local trails, events, advocacy, biking links and information of other clubs. All listings are categorized by state. Just select your state below for its listing. Check out the links below for additional biking resources and the "links & info" section in your state page for regional biking information.

I am currently searching for new clubs and will be adding new state listings continuously. Check back periodically and you will likely find new club and regional listings. You may send club information that you want to be listed here and it will be posted on the appropriate page. Don't forget to Reload the page to see your new or updated listing.

Submit club information by Emailing to Andy Nagai at . All submitted club information will be posted within 24 hrs. I will also try to find any kind of biking information you request and will be open to any suggestions regarding this site.

NOTE: I am not currently able to verify all club addresses and phone numbers. Some of the contact information may be outdated.

All RED underlined text on club pages are links.

Bicycle Club Pages

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Adventure Cycling Club Search (One of the best online directory of bicycle clubs)

USA Cycling's clubs search page

Forming a bike advocacy organization

Bike Coalition - The only biking related forum/community on the net.

Biking News Groups

Bicycle Clubs Chat

Biking Movies


Nerd World: Bicycling
Cycling search engine
The Bicycle Site
Yahoo! - Recreation:Sports:Cycling
Help you find bike rides and resources
Yahoo! Clubs and Teams
Recumbent Rides and Clubs by Cycle America
Pete & Ed Books Bicycle Club Links
Has Clubs in US and other countries.
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - Biking Bicycling
Washington Women Outdoors
This group organizes various outdoor activities for women.
Bicycle Laws in the United States
United States Bicycling Hall of Fame
Pedaling History Bicycle Museum
Learn about the history of the bicycle.
Exploratorium's Science of Cycling
Has diagrams, animations and video clips that helps explain scientific concepts of cycling.
European Racing News
Tour De France Official Site
TCRC: Lance Armstrong Page - Lance Armstrong On-Line
National Bike Registry
Is a national database dedicated exclusively to the identification and recovery of
bicycles since 1984.
Has route maps & info of transit services that cater to cyclists.
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Snell Memorial Foundation
Bicycle Helmets - FAQ
USA Cycling Home Page
Has Bios of US professional cyclists and team information
League of American Bicyclists
Tandem Club of America (TCA)
Northwest Handcycling Club
U.S. Handcycling Federation
U.S. Bicycle Polo Association
Learn about the sport of Bicycle Polo
Bicycle Ride Directors' Association of America (BRDAA)
"The goals of the Association are to foster cooperation among recreational ride
promoters, offer an affordable and proper insurance program and provide a forum
for the exchange of information and experience among the membership." Bicycle Advocacy Online
"Cyclists should expect and demand safe accommodation on our public roads, just
as does every other user. Nothing more is expected. Nothing less is acceptable."
This is the greatest source of bicycle advocacy information on the net.
Christian Cyclists of America
"ACROSS AMERICA BICYCLING MINISTRY encourages Christians to ride together locally or at club rides, State rides, or any ride to enjoy great fellowship and be a bold witnesses for the Lord. Start a HUB in your town or be a part of WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists' annual across America mission trip for a few days or across the Country. Please check out our web site at and we hope you'll order your neon yellow "Christian" jersey or t-shirt soon and keep riding and being that BOLD witness for the Lord."
National Center for Bicycling and Walking
Labor Power Racing
Is a racing team that promotes awareness of dangers of asbestos and toxic
chemicals in the workplace.
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
They help convert abandoned train rails into trails. The trail information center has
info on trails throughout the U.S.
International Human Powered Vehicle Association
Carpenter/Phinney Bike Camp
Walden School of Cycling
United Bicycle Institute
Is a bicycle repair and frame building school
Cycling Singles
Bicycle Attorney

The biggest list of rides in the country
The National Bicycle Tour Directors Association
This site has information on many bicycle tours across America that last three or more days.
Suburban Cyclists Unlimited page
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society - MS Bike Tour
NMSS organizes over 100 rides all over the country.
The WOW Tour: Wheelin Over Washington
American Lung Association: GTE Big Ride Across America - American Lung Association Main Page
American Diabetes Association - Tour De Cure
Habitat for Humanity Bicycle Challenge
National Bicycle Greenway
Can find ride sheets here. They can be bought, traded or sponsored.
Yahoo! - Cycling Travelogues
Impressions From Bicycle Travels
Thomas Driemeyer's Bicycle Tours
Read about travels in CA, Paris, Italy, Germany and Holland. Has nice pictures.
Around the World on a Bicycle
Cross Country Bike Trip
Biker's Barbecue
Two Austrians tour America by bicycle and write a travelogue
about their trip and the USA. Includes a bicycle photo gallery and
bicycle touring tips. This used to be online for free. Have to buy it now.
Mike Kiparsky in Southeast Asia
Easy Breaks in Brittany, France
Specialize in tours in Mexico's Copper Canyon, Baja, Honduras and Peru
Bicycle Guide to the Lewis & Clark Trail
Trip Advisor
The absolute best online resource to plan your vacations
Jokes Across America
Travelogue of two guys touring across the USA seeking good jokes.
Adventure Cycling Association
Cycling tours in Europe
Cycling Adventures
Pacific Cycle Tours
They organize cycling tours in New Zealand. Has nice pictures and information
of New Zealand.
Triple One Travel Directory
Has a U.S. Bed & Breakfast Search tool
Bicycle Advanture Club
"Is a non-profit, bicycle touring club for serious cyclists run by its 1,500 volunteer members."
Bike and the Like
They host Mid-Atlantic and New England cycling tours.
Breton Bikes
All About Adventures
Far and Away Cycling
Touring Cyclists' Hospitality Directory
Is a list of people who are hospitable to touring cyclists.
Canadian Trails Bicycle Tours
Mondial du velo
"We’re a non-profit organization which organizes bike events: road, track, sport-touring, mountain bike in Quebec’s EasternTownships."
Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo
"We're an interactive, punk rock, pedal-powered circus from San Francisco."
American Trails


Cycling Performance Tips
Coach Carl Online
Great source of cycling tips for all levels of cyclists.
Cycling Tips
Great Outdoors cycling tips
Diablo Cyclists: single and double century ride tips
Winter Riding Tips
Ice Bike - Home of the Winter Cyclists
Has Ice riding equipment and clothing tips.
Assessing Your Strengths and Weaknesses as a Mountain Bike Racer
Roger's Hints for Beginning Single Trackers
Bicycle Maintenance Guide and Riding Tips
Ask The Mechanic
Bicycle Repair
Spoke Length Formulas
Bicycle Crank Length Formulas
Tour Preparation
Has helpful tips for the bicycle traveler.
This is a comprehensive online health and fitness guide.
The Fitness Zone
The Internet's Fitness Resource


Performance Bicycle
"Nation's largest mail order and retail supplier of bicycle parts and accessories"
Glory Cycles
Pro Bike Outlet
Best Bike Buys
Search Engine for finding best prices on any bike merchandise.
Prescription and Non-Prescription Sunglasses for extreme sports. Mountain biking sunglasses that have an extreme wrap to keep the sun, wind and debris out of your eyes.
Professional cycling gear
Read about reviews of different bikes and post your own reviews. Also have bike classifieds and finder features.
Includes a database of classifieds and thousands of biking companies, bikers forum and anti-theft bike registration.
Adventure Sports Online Bicycling Directory
Sell really good bikes at wholesale prices with free shipping.
Just Bicycles
Colorado Cyclist
Bike Nashbar
"A Bike Store at your Door"
Cambria Bicycle Outfitters
REI: Cycling
They sell cycling accessories and complete bikes online.
Jenson USA Online Mountain Bike Store
"We will match or beat any reasonable Advertised Price!"
You can find some good deals here.
Fogdog Sports
Team Estrogen
Specializes in cycling equipment for women

Bicycle Clothing
Velo Gear
Price Point
Excel Sports Boulder
Plaines - Bike, Ski & Snowboard
Competitive Cyclists
Habanero Cycles
Sells titanium bikes and frames.
Bike Friday
They sell all kinds of folding bicycles.
Makes and sells full size folding bicycles.
Maker of three wheelers and tandem recumbents.
Cyclic Systems
Makes self locking anti-theft bike frames.
Campmor - Bicycle Accessories
Hamoc Bicycle Saddles
Makes Bicycle saddles for women.
RealSeat Bicycle Seat
They make really wide bicycle seats that covers your whole rear.
Ultimate Map Clip
National Bike Route Network Maps from Adventure Cycling Association
FITNESS FORUM - Unique Cycling and Fitness Products and Gifts
Bicycles In Glass
Hand sculptured glass bicycles
Resource Revival
Oregon recycling company that transforms bike parts into functional and artistic pieces
Bicycle Jewelry
Finish Line Charms
Rainbow Designs Bicycle Page
Embroidered sweatshirts and T-shirts
Make easy entry and exit clipless pedals
Are pedal adaptors to help eliminate knee pain. For cyclists with toe-out condition.
Sell bike boxes to transport your bike.
Bicycle Protector Bag
Sell bags that protect bike from corrosion.
A bicycle lock that stores in the handlebar.
Battery-free and friction free LED bicycle light
Kik Tire
They make flat proof tires.
S and S Bicycle Torque Couplings
Will allow your bike to fit into regular airline luggage
Bike Lid
Is a secure cover that completely protects the bike from theft.
Adventurous Traveler Bookstore
Cycling Books
Wheel Wizard - Spoke Length Calculator
Blue Pig Industries
Creator of quality wheel making software
Attain for Cycling
Cycling training and logbook software. Download their demo version.
Hammer Nutrition Ltd.
Sells a 26 serving fuel gel jug for $14.
"A Balanced Liquid Food Source"
E-Caps Endurance Supplements
MountainBike is Cool
This page lists some links to biking companies.
National Bicycle Dealers Association
The Bicycle Trader
Place ads to buy, sell and trade bike stuff. Also has biking articles.

Schwinn: Buy, Sell or Trade Forum
Have bike collector forums to buy and sell, a picture database and alot more.
PlanetBike Internet Auction
The Bike List


Velonews Interactive
Latest racing news
Bicycling Magazine
GearHead Mountain Bike Cyberzine
Includes articles, club listings, product reviews, news, trail listings, bike repair tips,
reader reviews and more.
Downhill Specialties
MTB Review
Includes product reviews by cyclists, news, marketplace and articles.
Outdoor Explorer
Adventure Time Extreme Sports
Bicycle Online
Tandem Magazine
The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange
The Bicycle Exchange
Canadian Cyclist


Yahoo - Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking
This site is a great source of riding information.
MTBinfo - Trails Guide
American Trails
G.O.R.P. - Regional Biking Guide
U.S. Trails Information Center
Lists 700 rails-to-trails in the U.S.
Canadian Offroad Bicycle Trails
Mountain Bike Interactive
Read about and submit your favorite trails.
East Coast Greenway Alliance
This group is helping to build a east coast trail connecting cities from Maine to Florida.

Mountain Biking Meccas Beyond Moab
Biking Mount St. Helens
ParkNet - The National Park Service Page
L.L. Bean Park Search
New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA)
W.O.M.B.A.T.S. (Women's Mountain Bike and Tea Society)
National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA)
International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)
Promotes socially and environmentally responsible mountain biking.
The Official Mountain Biking FAQ Home Page
Mountain Bike Ultimate
Is a game of mountain bikes and a frisbee
The Mountain Zone
Vertical Online Mountain Biking
Mountain Bike Quicktime Movies
MuDSLuTs Photo Archives


Are You An Incurable Bikeaholic? from Team Bikeaholics page
MuDSLuTs True Terrible Stories
Sex and Your Bike
Vote for the sexiest cyclists
Crash and Burn - Mountain Bike Carnage
Yeah but can you do a wheelie on that?
This Smithonian Magazine page has pictures and descriptions of some unique bikes.
Schwinn: CollectorNet Forum
Schwinn: Restoration Forum
Swing Bike
Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang
Dictionary of Roadie Slang
The Simplified Bicycle Racer Categorization Chart - from the Caltech Velo page
Team Leghair's Top Ten Lists
Sports Trivia
Pull My Finger CD
100% natural gas


Sports and Games Friend Finder
Helps find other people with same interests.
Yahoo! Sports: Tennis
Yahoo! Sports: NBA
Tiger Woods from PGA Tour.Com page
Provides latest sports news, scores and statistics.
The Weather
Ski Resort Conditions

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