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Congratulation Dominique you Won the Hearts of Ours!!

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    Gaithersburg, MD 20879

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    If you have ICQ and want to reach me, here is my ICQ # 605285

    You can ICQ me for questions, helps, for fun, or just wantta chat about gymnastic or anything and wanna make a new buddy, then go right a head its my pleasure.

    I if u dont have ICQ u can get it at :

    If any one of you have any Dominique Dawes Pictures or AVI files or what ever that deals with her. Please can you EMAIL them to me and I will put you down for credit on this page.
    If you have any of Dominique Dawes stuff EMAIL me with your Name, EMAIL,
    URL(if have one)

    Also Special thanks to Andrew Van Niederhausern for the pics. Also to Jeff P and Kellen Daranda for the pics too. And Thanks Again.

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