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Load the image. It's worth it. November 23, 1997

You have asked. The Vin Man has delivered.

I have, at long last, put up a new picture. Gone is the glorious sight of 49er tight end Brent Jones' body wrapped neatly around the skull of a Carolina Panthers' linebacker. Though that picture brought many a joyful tear to my eye, it had served its time in the temple, and the time has come to replace it. (Although now that I've talked so much about it, I'd better leave a link to the picture for those who haven't seen it. Okey-dokie. Here you go. In the interest of equal time, and just 'cause the site is so damn cool, here's a link to the official 49er-Haters Society website.) As you know by now, I liked that picture. I liked it a whole lot. It would take a very special picture to top that photo. I believe I have found just such a picture.

This picture was taken on Splash Mountain at Disneyland. That's the one, the only, the incomparable Vin Man in the back. Seated in front of me is good friend (and political opposite) Brian McCray. Seated in front of him is my fellow good friend (and political...actually, we don't talk politics. But we agree that Newt Gingrich is fat.) Shawn Garrett. Beyond that, I think this picture pretty much speaks for itself. But I'm going to explain it anyway.

Two or three days before this picture was taken, Shawn and I visited Six Flags in California. Now, I'm not going to say which theme park is better, because the two are very different. Six Flags is more adult-oriented, with many more "thrill rides" than Disneyland. (Especially the Batman ride. Good Lord.) Comparitively, DisneyLand is nowhere near as scary.

We first went on Splash Mountain early in the day. It was pretty cool, but like I said, relatively tame. In the picture that came out, Shawn looked mildly amused, Brian was hiding, and I was kinda laughing. I wasn't even looking down the ride. Why? Not scared.

Many, many hours later, just before the park was scheduled to close, we decided to go on Splash Mountain again. We were hoping for a better picture, and I was planning on doing some neat-o pose. (For an example of a neat-o pose on Splash Mountain, visit Rusty Gifford's homepage. Or, take a ride on Flash Mountain.) As we approached the top of the ride, I grabbed my sunglasses, intending to put them on, smile, and flash a "thumbs up" at the camera. As the log broke over the apex, I immediately realized that was not going to happen.

Part of the reason Splash Mountain is not so scary during the day is that you can see where you're going. Quite frankly, it's not that high. At night, on the other hand, it looks as if you are beginning a thousand-mile drop directly into the depths of Hell. In the emotional intensity of the moment, I realized the irony of the situation; going from a feeling of complete peace and security to a certainty that I was about to die. And I laughed at the situation, even as I screamed what I believed would be my last breath. Thus, the truly ghastly expression on my face. Shawn clearly felt the same level of fear I did, because it looks like you could shoot a basketball into his mouth and hit nothing but tonsil. As for Brian, he's hiding again. What a baby.

Thus ends the story of the world's new coolest picture. (For the second-coolest picture in the world, keep reading.) I don't have a really great line to end this story, so I'll just put up a close-up of our three faces.

We rule.

In other VIN news:
I am finishing up my first and last quarter as Sports Editor of the Western Front. In all seriousness, I'm very proud of the papers we've done this quarter, except for the November 21 issue, which sucked donkey. And while the experience of being an editor has given me a feeling of great satisfaction, as well as almost enough money to buy a McDonald's extra value meal, it has murdered my social life. Some people would call that a mercy killing. To those people I say this: "Blow me."

Also, a quick review of my transcript has revealed that I am farther along in my studies than I thought, and I will be graduating next summer. That is good.

As I will no longer be working at the Western Front, I will be needing another job. Fortunately, I'm working at the UW-Bothell again. I love this job. I've been at work for two hours now. So far, I have shown one person how to print, one person how to cancel an e-mail message without deleting it, and one person how to find a file on their floppy disk. I've had the rest of the time to myself. This job rules.

Until next time, VIN followers, remain VINdictive, inVINcible, and ... um ... VINyl. Sweet Jesus, what an awful catch phrase. Never mind.

And now, the world's second-coolest picture.

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yourself to a graphics-based web browser and look at this picture. 
Trust me, it's worth it.
Proof that you can use a 6'2", 240-pound man as a projectile weapon!

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