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WR Shawn Dawkins is back
at camp after re-signing
with the team

Seahawks suffer huge blow with loss of Myles

.....Middle linebacker DeShone Myles reported to training camp this year after an off-season full of rehabilitation to come back from a torn ACL in his right knee. He was back, bigger and stronger than before, and ready to play football for the first time in a year. Tragicly, Myles will have to wait another year to get that chance after suffering an acl tear in his left knee on the second day of camp. This season, Myles was to be a key to the Seahawk defense as the likely starter at middle LB. Having DeShone on the field would allow Anthony Simmons to rotate over an play his more natural position of outside LB. So once again, coach Holmgren will be forced to do some juggling on defense before the season even starts.
.....There was, however, one major positive for the Hawks at camp this week. That was the presence of WR Shawn Dawkins, who reported to camp two days after re-signing with the team. Dawkins was Seattle's leader in receiving yardage last season, and will hope to cause havoc in opposing teams' secondaries along with Derrick Mayes and second-year man Karsten Bailey.



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