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     "The Boys"
     Jim Duncan Meet at Drake University - 2001
     Conference Meet at MSU-Moorhead - 2001
     Crazy Fans
Bemidji State Homecoming - 2001
Summer of 2001 in St. Paul, MN as an intern at Minnesota Life
my little brother, Adam, playing hockey

These are pictures of me with the Stanley Cup. They were taken the summer of 99 at Jamie Langenbrunner's private party. Jamie was my next-door neighboor when I was a kid.
Here's a picture of me with the "flower girls" at Moondance Jam '99 in Walker, MN.
This is something I made up of a bunch of pictures I had about a year ago.
Here I am in my parent's back yard.
This is a picture of me sprinting past some guy at the Grand Old Day 8K in St. Paul. It also demonstrates my poor running form. This appeared in the Running Minnesota 2002 Training Log. Photo by Chris Fuller.

The Boys
Here's some of the guys from the 2000 Bemidji State Outdoor Track & Field Team. This was taken at the Jim Duncan Meet at Drake University.
Front: Matt Kustritz, Jessy Miller, James Streefland
2nd Row: Patrick Quinn, Drew Peterson, Jeff Fjosne (being "hugged" by Drew), Mike Svir (against wall)
3rd Row: Paul Quinn, Jason Schultz, Aaron Feia
Back Row: Andy Eggerth, Mike May, Corey White
At the 2001 BSU Graduation March we painted Mike May on our chests and Danielle on our backs. We got in the Bemidji Pioneer for this one.

from left to right: Mike Svir, Aaron Feia, Patrick Quinn, Corey White, Kipton Solmonson, Paul Quinn, Dan Frette, Matt Kustritz
Being from the Northwoods we find many uses for Duct Tape.

Jim Duncan Meet at Drake University - 2001
This photo was taken by our student assistant coach, Eric Olson. I'm soaring over the water pit in the 3,000m Steeplechase.
Here is a link to the Jim Duncan Meet picture directory. These are the pictures I took with my dad's digital camera. I will load those pictures on this page soon.

Conference Meet at MSU-Moorhead - 2001
These are pictures from the 2001 Northern Sun Intercollegicate Converence Outdoor Track & Field Meet. At this meet I ran three races in two days. On the first day I ran the 3,000 m Steeplechase and the 4x800. I beat my best time in the Steeplechase by 28 seconds and got third place (All-Confrence Honorable Mention). In the 4x800 I beat my fastest split by three seconds to help advance our team to a third place finish. On the second day I ran the 5,000 m run. In that race I placed sixth, running 36 seconds faster than I ever had.

The Crazy Fans
Once upon a time in the middle of frozen Minnesota 7 members of the Bemidji State University Track & Field team chose to go to the first conference match of the year for the men's Basketball team. Not only did they go, they went in style. Some say it was a ploy to get more fans at their home meets on JANUARY 19TH and FEBRUARY 9TH. If you ask them it was just to go have fun. Why they went is up to you to decide, why they keep going... well, they're now part of the BSU Basketball Tradition.
These pictures are from the first game on December 7, 2001. The men faced Wayne State College from Nebraska. At one point in the game they were down 14 points but came back to score a 3 pointer with one second left in regulation to tie it up and sent it into over time. The Wildcats were no contest for our Mighty Beavers in the OT as we went on to win 77-74. On the way out of the arena we got the thumbs up from head coach Jeff Guiot.

From left to right: Matt Kustritz, Jake Miller, Mike Svir, Corey White, Dan Frette, Paul Quinn, Jeff Jackson

After the game we got our picture taken with the sign honoring former track captain and NSIC Academic Award winner, Mike May.

Now after the great success we had in our first appearance we couldn't let our fans down. We were encouraged by our Athletic Director to come back. So the following night, December 8th, we came back in full force. We were there for most of our women's game and the men followed. The men were facing nationally ranked Southwest State University (#18). They are also a conference foe. Unlike the first game we as fans came out strong in the beginning. Too bad our team didn't. After the first half we were down 21-42. But we did not give up on our Beavers. We kept cheering and eventually the rest of the crowd got into it. Our Beavers kept gaining ground. They pulled ahead with 1:47 left in the game and never looked back. The final score was 66-63 for the Beavers. At the buzzer head coach, Jeff Guiot, ran directly over and started high-fiving us. This is taken from the Dec. 9 Pioneer:

"We would not have won this game (Saturday) if it weren't for the fans - the student body and the community of Bemidji," Guiot said. "They played a major role, not a minor role in our victory.

"We were down 20-some points and our fans didn't quit on us, they didn't give up and they still believed in us. That reflects onto our players."

Guiot and the players showed their appreciation by slapping high fives with the crowd and signing autographs in the lobby after the game.

From left to right: Jeff Jackson, Tom Smith, Paul Quinn, Mike Svir, Corey White, Patrick Quinn, Drew Peterson, Jake Miller

After "helping" our men's team to 2 wins we were getting more credit as crazy fans at basketball games then we did when we won the conference title for the first time in school history. So we encouraged more members of the Track team to come and join us. With 12 of us we were able to spell out BEMIDJI STATE on our chests and TRACK & FIELD on our backs. This game took place on Friday, December 15th against Northern Michigan. While this was a close game all the way through, our Beavers were not able to pull out a win with a final score of 66-72. After the game was done we headed over to the John S. Glas Fieldhouse to cheer on our BSU Women's hockey team as they faced number 1 in the nation, University of Minnesota - Duluth. With 11 minutes left in the third period we stood two rows up from the ice yelling with what little voices we had left, the echoing effect of the arena helped a little. The Red Line Swingers were playing songs for us as we kept cheering and moving around to keep from freezing. If you happened to be watching the game on KBSU - channel 17 - you would have seen us.

From left to right: Brett Edlund, Jason Jacoby, Drew Peterson, Aaron Feia, Paul Quinn, Corey White, Mike Svir, Jake Miller, Jake Huser, Matt Kustritz, Jason Schultz, Patick Lais

Bemidji State University Homecoming 2001
In the fall of 2001 Melanie Hoheisel and I represented the Running Club for Homecoming candidates. We were the best dressed and placed 3rd in the limbo contest to fellow track athletes: Andrew Barten (1st place), Dand Frette (2nd place), and Kim Strom (2nd place).
Here we are showing why we were the best dressed.

Summer of 2001
The Summer of 2001 was exciting for me. I moved to St. Paul, MN to take an internship at Minnesota Life, an insurance and financial services company based in downtown St. Paul.
Here's the view from my appartment. The white building with the long horizontal black windows was the one I worked in, "the 400 building." I worked on the 8th floor for a few weeks and then we moved up to the newly remodeled 9th floor. The buliding just to the right of it with the post-modern architecture is the other building that Minnesota Life owns, "the 401 building."
This is my roommate, Mike, and I. We were contemplating the meaning of life or something important like that.
Here's "Anti-Social" Kyle (one of my other roommates); Casey; and I. We were hanging out at the Radison in Minneapolis for Jen's birthday party.
This is me and "Toilet Facey" Casey. She is probably the most energetic and rambunctious person I know.
Before going to our weekly voyage to "Brothers", Tony (a Johnny Rat) and I demonstrate how we will be carying T.F. home.
Here's Mikey and T.F. Mikey's face is red because he was past his 1 1/2 beer intoxication limit.

Click here to see pictures of my little brother and his team playing hockey.