About the West Coast Lion Dance Troupe

Located in Daly City, California, the West Coast Lion Dance Troupe was formed in 1988. It's founder, Tony Shiu, first started lion dancing in 1976. In 1988, Tony called up some lion dancers who were no longer active troupe members and asked if they wanted to get back into lion dancing because Chinese New Year was coming up. Since then, the troupe performed as the West Coast Lion Dance Troupe. The main goal of the West Coast Lion Dance Troupe is to pass on the traditional art of Chinese lion dancing, along with the culture and customs behind it.

The West Coast Lion Dance Troupe has performed in the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade every year since 1982 under the group name of Jing Yi. In 1990, the troupe took the second place award in lion dancing in the Chinese New Year parade. The troupe also performs at birthday parties for all ages, V.I.P. events, fund raising drives, community festivals, weddings, banquets, grand openings of businesses, and many cultural events. The event most looked foward to are the San Francisco Bay Area school performances during Chinese New Year. With the number of active members in the troupe, the ratio of lion heads are about two to one.

More and more is lost with each generation, but for what ever the reasons may be, we must remember that the youth of today are going to be the adults of tomorrow. We should let them know that they should be proud of their culture. It is a duty of the lion dance troupe to keep this part of the Chinese culture alive so it will not get lost in the future. The main goal of the West Coast Lion Dance Troupe is to see that this does not get lost, because if we do not, then who will???

The age range of the members in the West Coast Lion Dance Troupe is currently from ten years old and up. Practice is held once a week, every Sunday, and the troupe welcomes anyone who may be interested in becoming a member.

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