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Hello, and welcome to David Greene's Home/Sports Page :-) Please allow the document to load fully. Depending on the speed of your computer, my page may take anywhere from 30 seconds to a little over a minute to load. Please be patient, and make yourself at home. I think that it will be worth the wait ;-) Don't hesitate to stay a while and look at all of the information and other things that I have here. Here's a little information about myself. I was born in Greenfield, MI, and raised in Detroit, MI. I moved out to Modesto, CA at the age of 11. I attended Modesto High School and eventually ended up attending Holy Names College. I recently from Holy Names College in Oakland, California and I am 24 years old. Well, to be honest, I'm not OFFICIALLY graduated until I pay off the debt that I owe. Geez, as if I haven't suffered enough by attending college for 4 years plus all of the turmoil and what not that comes with it. My interests are obviously sports, lifting weights, watching GOOD action/martial arts movies, psychology, and . I watch ER and Millenium whenever I can, but I LOVE X-Files!! This show is the bomb!! This page is modified from time to time, so any suggestions and helpful tips are much appreciated and accepted. Thanks for visiting :-) I am still learning HTML, so please forgive me for my lack of speed and progress, at least for a while. I have a page dedicated to psychology, psychology information and links in the works. I don't know how long this will take to complete, but progress is being made upon it. There is a link to my psychology page further along this page. Check it out if you're interested. Oh yeah, by the way, if you're wondering why I've called my homepage The Professional's Page, I like the movie "The Professional" a whole lot :-)

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Click on this crazy teen to see the Beavis and Butthead homepage. It's crazy!!!

See what college does to a person!!??

Do you want to find information on all types of sports and sports news? Just click on the ESPNET logo.

The Detroit Pistons FINALLY got their act together and impressively defeated the Indiana Pacers. If the Pistons could only keep up that type of pace, then they would be far better off than they are at this moment.

For all of you hoops fans out there, this is the place for you. See the latest updates on your favorite basketball team. How did your favorite players and team do last night? Click on the basketball and find out.

Well, the Lions managed to make it to the playoffs, but mercifully and also somewhat expectedly, they lost to the Bucs, a team on the rise. Barry gained over 2,000 yards rushing, and thus, earned a Co-MVP Title. I hope that Reggie Brown recovers to the point where he can function normally. Due to this unfortunate accident, the Lions are set back in terms of rebuilding. They NEED to acquire another good linebacker and DEFINATELY need some safeties and cornerbacks. Let's see how they do in the draft.

The Red Wings just gave Sergei Federov a HUGE contract to play for ONLY four months, IF that!! If you ask me, they should've traded him to the Hurricanes for 5 first-round draft picks to invest in their future. Well, let's see if he's worth the $12 Million that they've invested in him.

The Michigan Wolverines' basketball team has been on a roll as of late, not only winning the inaugural Big Ten Title, but they've also erned a 3rd seed in the South conference. I think Michigan will surprise a few teams, however, there is no way that the top 4 teams are going to lose anytime soon. This year, there will be NO cinderella teams. Let's see how Michigan does.

Do you like to play boxing games? If so, then this is DEFINATELY for you. You can recruit, name, and choose the style of fighting of one boxer that you manage for free. If you want more fighters, it costs a minimal amount. Check it out!!!

ALL types of information for soccer are here.

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Check out my Awards Page 1!!

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I'll be making a Jet Li page as soon as I can!! Jet Li is THE PHATEST martial arts actor out there!! If you don't know who he is, you'd better find out!!

Check out my X-Files page!!!

If you know who this is, then you're a wrestling fan. Even if you're not, check out my wrestling page!! I have information and links about professional wrestling as well as e-wrestling!! I'll be putting up the profiles of my VERY OWN e-wrestlers in the upcoming future!!

Check out my sports links!!

My psychology page will be up pretty soon!!!

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